Thursday, January 31, 2008

Google news & counselling pages update

Kids get exercise from Video Games. What do you say? Well, when I first played a Computer games, it was endless playing with later, the Playstation 2 games. We always believe, kids get couch potato as they watch a lot of television or play long hours on computers. However, according to a new study in the journal "Pediatric exercise science" some of these games give kids as much exercise as walking, skipping, even jogging!

Check on the updated Google News page to read more on this. And here's on Games for kids - Games are a surefire way to get your child interested in computers. With fascinating multimedia, puzzles to solve, Grammar skills, aliens to kill, different levels to cross, and ultimately win, games have the power to teach the child in many different ways. Unfortunately they also have the mesmerizing power to keep him glued to the computer. To top it all, most games only seem to have a lot of violence. But all games aren't like that. So how do you figure out which game is fine for your child, and which isn't? Find out more here, an article from my book Guardian of Angels.

Btw, The Counselling pages at is now active with Kirandeep's answers and you can find the recent question by a student as below:

I am a student of class 10. I am working very hard on my academics. I study for five hours daily besides my school time. The problem with me is that I forget what I have studied. I just black out and don’t seem to remember even what I had studied very well. I need to study the chapter once again to remember it better. But that wastes a lot of my time. Can you tell me ways in which I can study and remember better? Thank you. - Natasha, Pune.

Click for the Counselling Pages to read more. Keep the Faith.

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