Monday, September 26, 2011

Tech savvy kids took me to MrDoobs Projects

Children are like wet cement - Not really! In fact, they do not slip but today's tech savvy kids tend to rise and shine! As parents and teachers need a change over - "Think not what you can teach the kids, just think, what they can teach you" and kids almost prove their point when they are well equipped with information and 'Know it all'.

Technology is the new wave generation and sometimes, we tend to be too over protective and we should. At the same time, explore with them and share and learn together the way of the web. We ourselves sharpen our skills while they frankly tell us what they do on
Facebook or just share their skills on what innovative skills they've possessed while they blog or fiddle with the search engines. They ego surf - their names, friends and family - even their schools or just 'Feel Good' to find their Project links.

Recently, my Swagat Kids made me explore amazingly to what they surfed with the name 'kidsfreesouls' - They took me to Google Search and got to Mr.Doobs Google Chrome Projects - Sphere and Gravity. They beamed with laughter as they searched 'Kidsfreesouls' and even had fun exploring Gujarat StateCM's name 'Narendra Modi' - Children, indeed are too innocent when it comes to talking to them about Politics and would pour their hearts and dabble all they know, heard and experienced around them. For them, the CM of Gujarat means 'Development Engine' as they find the city Infrastructure fast changing and what matters most to them is 'Inspiration' - Well, Check these sites and have fun as much fun I had sharing knowledge with them.

- ilaxi patel
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Monday, September 12, 2011

Kids Blogs - why make student blogs, tips and more..

WHY MAKE STUDENT BLOGS? | Blog Making Tips | Make a Blog

Swagat Children Library aims to Improve Student Literacy and Creativity. Always a step ahead in Creative Activities, with Technology shaping up lives of Children with Social Networking on a rise, I have opted for Student Blogs to help children to use Social Networking sites like 'Facebook' in a constructive way. My approach is to encourage and inspire children for 'Any time, Any where Learning' and enable learning and assistance outside of Swagat Library hours.

Times have changed and we need to motivate our children to use Internet positively and with moms/teachers, explore to boost knowledge sharing platform.Swagat Children get a chance to display their work to +190 countries through Kidsfreesouls Global Network.

Here is a glimpse into Blog Preparations that I conduct for my students. I am sure, this will help many parents and teachers to help children for preparation to new generation computing on the web. Do give me your feedback, drop in your comment mails or ask a question and I shall be pleased to hear from you. You may even explore Swagat Children Library Page and visit Kids Blogs. Enjoy.

- ilaxi patel

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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Vishwaraj Jadeja shares his sports journey with Swagat Kids

Few days ago, Vishwaraj Jadeja, a long track speed Skating and Ice Skating Champion, visited Swagat Children Library. He shared his Sports Journey with the children and talked about his experiences on pursuing his hobby. Children attentively listened to him and asked him a lot of questions as to his routines and how he reached this far. Apart from a lot of tips and advice, Vishwaraj told the children to concentrate on three things : Determination, dedication and hard work. Especially, he focused on Time Management and balancing sports and other academic, professional fronts. Watch the video here and his other Interviews. Kids at Swagat cherish the memories of talking to Vishwaraj and support him for a cause that he would hopefully participate in the upcoming 2014 Olympics in Russia for which, he is even looking for Sponsorers. Out there, anybody interested may sponsor Vishwaraj, a gujarati boy who makes it big in Holland, Denmark and reach fame internationally. Vishwaraj has received the highest 'Sardar Patel Award from Gujarat State and will be the first from the nation to reach Olympics 2014 and make it big.

- Follow Vishwaraj Follow my article 'Sports skills'

- ilaxi patel

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