Sunday, November 29, 2009

COP15 - United Nations Climate Change Conference

This week's Earth Talk Column has questions that draw our attention, one of which is on United Nations Climate Change Conference in December. :

What do organizers hope to accomplish at the upcoming (December 7-18, 2009) United Nations Climate Change Conference being held in Copenhagen? -- F. Rojas, Oakland, CA

Oí recientemente el término "edificio viviente". ¿Pueden Uds. explicar de qué se trata? -- Rebecca Gordon, Seattle, WA

Read for the answers : In English In Spanish

Read more on COP15 Copenhagen website and even you can enter into Climate Quiz and Climate Thoughts with visual representation by visitors of the site.

- ilaxi patel
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Toast your life with 'Thanksgiving' - Never late!

Planning and this is here we fail sometimes when we often lag behind with short of time schedules! Teachers need to plan their lessons especially with the monthly event calendar. This is like sparing a few minutes in the classroom providing information - spreading awareness and significance of the event.

If you have missed the 'Thanksgiving' just like me, there is no missing the Event worksheets as they can be taught anytime within the event week.

Thank You comes in an amazing way to be fondly appreciated and who else can be so happy than parents or teachers when children bring in a creatively made note with the courtesy words 'Thank You'!

Teaching children to write 'Thank You' notes is teaching them simple social manners of expressing gratitude. Just as much as we value the experience of gesture when somebody writes a 'Thank You' note, children too can receive our 'Thank you' notes for their good behavior or any positive attitude. This can be the first step in teaching them to consider writing Thank You notes to others. Most of the children need to be encouraged to write Thank You notes, as a child will not initiate to write on his own. How often, we forget to send our 'Thank You' notes and especially, when the tradition of 'Thanksgiving' is completely not observed in many places like India. Sometimes, merely we say words. However, writing notes has its own charm and has an educational value when children learn to write them.

So, how do we help kids to write these lovely 'Thank You' notes? Maybe a few Thank you note guideline tips for kids might help.

Btw, here's a very thoughtfully written Editorial Article from New York Times and I am sure, you might start brooding over this - What would our lives look like if they held only what we’d planned? Where would our wisdom or patience — or our hope — come from?

We can toast our lives with 'thanksgiving' to god in an amazing way to join hands and pray for peace as this is the only thing - the need of the hour!

- ilaxi patel
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Comics Project for Kids

Recently, I encouraged children to read a Comics in the classroom. They picked up Archies, Amar Chitra Katha picture books, Batman and few random comics that I have in my Library. Comic books are a great way for kids to get interested and excited about reading as well as helping to develop their imagination. But nothing can be more important for parents than to be sure that their children are reading age appropriate material. As a kid, we all love to read comics. But, which one is ok for children now? Here's my best picks in Amazon Listmania and sure, you'd love to read these comics too.

Btw, ever tried a Comic Project for Kids? Well, I remember helping kids to create comic strips with brainstorming sessions using Imaginations - with words and picture stickers. Here's some tips to help.

Vocabulary: Students can learn to get involved in communication and language structure.

Use of words: Help them to create Balloons to fill in simple words of addressing and expressions like hi, oh, ouch, hmm...etc.

Script : Talk to them about the picture sticker and help them imagine to create a script. The flow of the 3/4 panel story comes with their imaginative inputs.

Message: The message selection can be social or anything that can be humor too. Simple ways for beginners to express words.

Story Continuation: Encourage kids to write a story first. Then write dialogues. This may also ease the making of comic strip process.

Pairing : Pair the children in a group of 2 or 4. Make it fun session. Let them share comic books, jokes or quotes. Engage them in group discussions to warm up before writing.

Happy to Create Comics in simple way comes quite naturally when motivation follows to spark creative juices. Kids are at their best only when they are ready to Do It. Forcing them to engage in activities gain no results.

Btw, here is Toondoo, a great Comic creating tool online - Create, publish and share Comic strips. You can discuss and find Ideas to create comics. The site gives a chance to enter into Hall of Fame and take part in competitions too.

Another site I recommend is Bill Zimmerman's Comics which I referred earlier on the Comics Page. This site more enchanced to create comics online with Teacher Resources, Writing Prompts, Story Ideas and much more to explore.
- ilaxi patel
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Friday, November 13, 2009

Sun Signs and daily/weekly forecasts

Wondering, How many of you believe in Sun Sign and Daily Forecast/weekly forecast that appear online or in newspapers? Well, I do. You can't call it a belief but soothing the soul and concluding, compromising self and even finding ways on how to better life! All of us are not Perfect and neither do we follow the law of life at times. It's impossible. Rather, we are ebbing and flowing like the tide when we need solid mates and family to protect and nurture. The more sensitive you are in undercurrents of emotional environment, more confused you are. However, I guess, Marjorie Orr guides you with forecasts that do make you understand your current position of stars and why things do happen as they may be. It only depends on how we take our life to make it positive and shrugg off those negatives that enter our domains.

Well, confused? I did write Sun Signs in my 'Freesouls (Now Kidsfreesouls) print media which you can find alongwith influeced Cheiro's numerology reading. A great fan of Linda Goodman, I still recommed that you can subscribe to Marjorie Orr at Her readings are excellent and I have noticed they stand neutral, correct with suggestive measures too. After all, Marjorie Orr is one of the Top astrologer with over 25 years of experience.

Btw, Linda Goodman was a Poet apart from Astrologer and did you know, she wrote lovely romantic poems? Find my Poetry on Poetry Pages at Kidsfreesouls here. Maybe, you like this too:-)

- ilaxi patel
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Monday, November 09, 2009

What A Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong - Lyrics

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

I see skies of blue and clouds of white
The bright blessed day, the dark sacred night
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

The colors of the rainbow so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces of people going by
I see friends shaking hands saying how do you do
They're really saying I love you.

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow
They'll learn much more than I'll never know
And I think to myself what a wonderful world
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.

We pass this Life's journey once and leave behind our footprints... This song has been an inspiration especially as it brings in hope and joy to imagine and think of a beautiful world. A nice way of cheering self too....

- ilaxi patel

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sesame street celebrating 40 years-Chamki spreading literacy

Google Doodle is today celebrating 40th Anniversary with the Muppet character logo. Sesame Street, an American Children’s TV Series, was launched on November 10, 1969. It is the longest running children’s program on US television. Sesame Street broadcasts in over 120 countries and 8 million viewers on 350 stations throughout the world.

The show celebrates its 40th birthday on November 10, 2009, the exact day the series debuted on TV four decades ago. US first lady Michelle Obama will appear on the Children’s TV show “Sesame Street” on the November 10th episode, to ostensibly kick off its 40th anniversary season. A section on the show will be telecasted to encourage children to adopt healthy eating habits and even plant vegetables in the garden.

Original songs, story lines and animations such as “Murray Had a Little Lamb,” “Word on the Street” and “Elmo’s World” will continue to stimulate the preschool viewers’ awareness and excitement about the environment. Additionally, new words will be introduced at the beginning of each episode by Murray as he interacts with people on the street. In a series of 26 hilarious celebrity segments, words such as “habitat,” “metamorphosis,” “camouflage,” “hibernate” and “garden” are introduced to enhance vocabulary and further highlight the wonders of nature.

- Read more on Blog

- ilaxi patel
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Monday, November 02, 2009

Barbie - Toys R fun

Here's an Interesting site exclusively on Barbie for Parents and Teachers Only.(media center). Celebrating 50 years of Barbie - style icon. The making of the doll and how one woman bring an icon to life. Explore the 50 years of Barbie and you have everything from Retro to beach parties and all the years of Barbie with news, events and fun. You can even strike a pose with Barbie if you wish and check out Barbie in her first Music and Dance videos in my Fav You Tube List.

Here's Barbie website. Play Games, watch videos hang out or just about engage into activities you like.Click for Birthday Party Ideas Here's a record collection of Barbie Dolls by a Fan Bettina Dorfmann who has Guiness World Record.

Toys R fun and always keep kids on a run! I guess, as parents today wonder what can break boredom of kids, I can only think of one thing and that is 'Keeping glued to various activities' - reading is on backseat but prioritising activities can include all activities like reading, coloring, playing games, computers, engaging in hobbies and even going for rides.....Dancing, music and learning skills are always as per the choice.

Creativity and it comes - quite naturally! Find more sites in Resources pages on Kidsfreesouls.

- ilaxi patel
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