Friday, November 13, 2009

Sun Signs and daily/weekly forecasts

Wondering, How many of you believe in Sun Sign and Daily Forecast/weekly forecast that appear online or in newspapers? Well, I do. You can't call it a belief but soothing the soul and concluding, compromising self and even finding ways on how to better life! All of us are not Perfect and neither do we follow the law of life at times. It's impossible. Rather, we are ebbing and flowing like the tide when we need solid mates and family to protect and nurture. The more sensitive you are in undercurrents of emotional environment, more confused you are. However, I guess, Marjorie Orr guides you with forecasts that do make you understand your current position of stars and why things do happen as they may be. It only depends on how we take our life to make it positive and shrugg off those negatives that enter our domains.

Well, confused? I did write Sun Signs in my 'Freesouls (Now Kidsfreesouls) print media which you can find alongwith influeced Cheiro's numerology reading. A great fan of Linda Goodman, I still recommed that you can subscribe to Marjorie Orr at Her readings are excellent and I have noticed they stand neutral, correct with suggestive measures too. After all, Marjorie Orr is one of the Top astrologer with over 25 years of experience.

Btw, Linda Goodman was a Poet apart from Astrologer and did you know, she wrote lovely romantic poems? Find my Poetry on Poetry Pages at Kidsfreesouls here. Maybe, you like this too:-)

- ilaxi patel
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