Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Banned Books Week

September 25-October 2 - Celebrate the Freedom - freedom to Read! Observed every year in September since 1982, The American Library Association explains: “Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to choose or the freedom to express one's opinion even if that opinion might be considered unorthodox or unpopular and stresses the importance of ensuring the availability of those viewpoints to all who wish to read them. After all, intellectual freedom can exist only where these two essential conditions are met.”

Very True, Indeed. At Kidsfreesouls, every year we celebrate Banned Books Week and even encourage kids for reading. Watch the video above with Banned Books Title and also read the Blog here on Banned Books.

- Banned Books & Encourage Reading

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kidsfreesouls Google Personalized news

4,000 sources to more than 50,000, and from one English edition to 72 editions in 30 languages - That's Google News, eating the cake of News Successive Years !

On September 22, 2002, Google News rolled out to all English-language readers, with a dedicated News tab on Over the years Google has made thousands of changes to deliver more news to more users—faster, and with enhanced customization, sharing and serendipity. They've added video, local news, custom sections, scanned newspaper archives and a redesigned homepage.

As I explored Kidsfreesouls Google News Section reflects Google news pieces to be better aware and be an informed parent, teacher, kid as it features choice news pieces in Category as:

kids News
Games for Kids
schools, parents and teachers
kids Safe sites
Kids Writing
world news
Video Games
Most Popular

The latest in the series added is Video Games News. Check Kidsfreesouls Google News Section - Read Top Stories of last 8 years that appeared in Google News and Read More Kidsfreesouls Personalized News Random Updates.....

- Kidsfreesouls Google News Section

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Notes - Ozone Day

Green Notes and the column dates back to 2001 when I started the Environment Page on Kidsfreesouls. Natural or man-made calamities and its Doomsday predicted! We are responsible for our own living and lifestyles. Moreover, struggle & Strife continues with War, Destruction & Nuclear Threats as years roll by unbalancing nature. 16th September is Ozone Day. "Ozone is still decreasing but just not as fast", said Mike Newchurch, associate professor at the University of Alabama and lead scientist on the study. "We are still decades away from the total ozone recovery" (Read More on Ozone Page)

Stay tuned to this section and help Save Environment, Save Mother Earth.

- Find Environment Pages and Related resources

- ilaxi patel
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Environment friendly Cars : Diesel fuel?

New Questions in Environment gives a light to many hidden facts and understanding that we sort for to Save Environment. When we buy cars and even recommend our customers to make a choice and buy a Car, the first thing that we think of is the budget and the next is environment friendly car. Though most of the people are not focused on environment friendly cars, Diesel cars are preferential and go green cars are finding way to markets lately.

Here's a question on Volkswagens that use diesel fuel. It says, In the past, diesel fuel was always considered dirtier than gasoline. But newer standards regulating sulfur content and improved technology in diesel engines have made diesel somewhat kinder to the environment. Find the Question and Answer in the Environment column and read on....

In Environment Column - Earth Talk

I’ve been hearing about the great gas mileage for Volkswagens that use diesel fuel. But is it better for the environment to use diesel or unleaded gasoline? - K. Cronk, Bay City, MI

- In English In Spanish

Effective emission control system with state of the art engine and cars designed to have fuel efficiency are the need of the hour.

- ilaxi patel
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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Festive season!

Friday, 10th September is the Rakshabandhan day for many Brahmins. This day all Modh Brahmins wear the sacred thread chanting the 'Gayatri Mantra' and sisters tie rakhi later on. It might surprize many but the tradition dates back years ago as Bhadarva sud Bij (Bhadrapad Mass shukal paksh) 10th September, 2010 is set for Rakhi Day for Brahmins. Find the Raksha Bandha Page here.

11th September is the festival of Lord Ganesh - god of wisdom, prudence, and salvation.It is believed that Ganesha was born on the Chaturthi of bright night of Bhadra. Reincarnated in different yugas in different forms to right wrongs, it is believed that Ganesha will be born again as 'Dhoomaketu' in Kali Yuga, to exterminate the evil and restore peace and harmony.

10th September is also being celebrated as Id and you can find the page here.

- Inspirations from Lord Ganeshjee

- ilaxi patel
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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Freesouls Tips to develop Art of Forgiveness - Paryushan festival

Three Jewels of
Right Faith,
Right Knowledge &
Right Conduct
are the path leading to peace and purity
- Jainism

Paryushan, the most important Ongoing Jain religious festival observed by Shvetambars (8 days festive spirits) and Digambars (10 days festive). This period is intensive reading, reflection and purification with fasting and reading of Mahavira - 14 dreams of his mother and followed by story of his life, birth, life and liberation. For Shvetambars, the final day of Paryushan is "Samvatsari Pratikraman - the annual confession. (Read More)
- Paryushan - Samvatsari - Mahavir

In real sense, the impact of the Jain festival helps us develop the art of ‘let go’ and ‘forgiveness’ and like Osho says 'Every emotion arising in you is a great opportunity. Master the mind. It is a state of consciousness when the outer world is reflected in . Mind is nothing but the process of thinking, the traffic of thought' and so, its wise to master our mind and think positive - shrug off the black seeds of ego, hate, jealousy, anger, possessiveness, dominance from the heart and possess white flowers of love, peace, compassion, service, sincerity, sensitivity and awareness which makes us 'Better people'.

Here are some Freesouls Tips to develop the Art of Forgiveness - What we sow is what we reap.

- ilaxi patel
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy Teachers' Day - 5th September

5th September is Teachers' Day. Adams said "The teacher affects eternity. One can never tell where his or influence stops" Shower of Roses to all Teachers...all those who taught me and wherever they are, all those who knowingly or unknowingly teach me online through their words and actions....May the fragrance of my Roses never fade so that the sweet fragrance fills your heart with pleasure and appreciation that you bloom like a flower throughout the year and spread sunshine into the lives of children and many people around.

As I pass through the phases in life, I recall what Dr. Radhakrishnan said once: "A good teacher must know how to arouse the interest of the pupil in the field of study for which he is responsible. He must himself be a master in the field of study and be in touch with the latest developments in the subject, he must himself be a fellow traveller in the exciting pursuit of knowledge"

It is due to the great Teacher Dr. Radhakrishnan that 'Teachers' Day' is being celebrated in appreciation for all teachers. When some students and friends wanted to celebrate his Birthday, he gently said, "Instead let this be Teachers' Day" and so it is. When children in my class gave me cards, it's a fond sweet memory and when today, kids are making cards to give me, I am happy to be a Teacher and fondly love all their little feelings they share with me. It's a strong bond that even when they grow up, they love me and remember me for who I am and I love all of them too.

- click to visit Dr. Radhakrishnan Profile For Teachers Teachers who Inspire

- ilaxi patel
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Krishna - Janmashtmi festival

September 2, 2010 is being celebrated as Janmashtmi - the day Lord Krishna is said to be born. Krishna has ever been the perfect ‘Avatar’ whose influence on human lives far exceeds that of any other God incarnate. Krishna is depicted as Govinda, who is the prime cause of all causes, the embodiment of wisdom and selfless action as well as a human liberal and practical philosopher with foresight. Three great works enumerate Krishna’s Teachings : Bhagwad Gita, Anugita and Udhavagita. Bhagwad Gita, like Bible or Koran, for Hindus, is the sacred Book depicting ‘Mahabharata’. The advice Krishna renders to disheartened Arjuna at Kurukshetra, immortalized the Bhagwad Gita, greatly influenced philosophers and continues to inspire millions of people worldwide.

As you find the Krishna Pages here, it is the simple Bhagwad Gita message that entails the comprehension of five basic truths. First, science of god is explained and than the position of living entities, jivas. The living entity is controlled by the controller 'God head krsna' and the material nature 'prakriti' and time, the duration of existence of the whole universe and karma 'activity' are discussed. Finally, its god's wish and he makes or breaks the world! Bhagvad gita is written with 18 chapters - the conversation of krsna with Arjun ( Find the review of Bhagwad Gita here and few shlokes)

More Culture and Festivals here on Kidsfreesouls.

Happy Janmashtmi.

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