Thursday, September 05, 2013

Patience and time - Kidsfreesouls and Teachers Day

The newly designed website of Kidsfreesouls is online now. However, I still have a lot of work to be done with Book Reviews, Gujarat worksheets and most important - Moms zone.

It is said, Patience and Time do more than strength and passion. And I am walking with Time and patience is always needed when one works for Kids with a passion to learn and teach.

Being Teachers' Day today, here's the link to Teacher Contributions and articles by teachers. I am sure, you will find this useful as much as I do. These articles had once appeared in print Sambhaav newspapers.

The above pic is of N R School's annual function and you can see me giving a medal to a child as the Principal Ms Rita Baker looks on in admiration. Kids are so close to my heart since years - even before I wrote the book on parenting (Guardian of Angels).

Well, the blog is yet to be set to routine and as I write more, stay connected.

- ilaxi 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Moby Dick

Some time ago, a Moby Dick Doodle appeared on Google. And it was awesome ! Remembering Literature reads is ever so much exciting. 

Many of us have studied this book as a supplementary read. The book had been somewhat an adventure but also a serious learning at times. However, what is so good about learning Supplementary reading is using the Language as a tool of thought, the usage of grammar skills and answering tactics.

Moby Dick has been one of the great novels in Literature. The story of the hunt for Moby Dick, a fierce white whale supposedly known to sailors. Captain Ahab, the captain of the whaling ship Pequod who lost a leg in an earlier battle with Moby Dick, and is determined to catch the whale. Born of 1st August, 1819,Herman Melville is the author of this brilliant novel that describes the dangerous and often violent life on a whaling ship and contains information the the whaling industry and nature of whales. Moby Dick is a deeply symbolic story. However, often ignored or misunderstood by critics and readers but later on, this American Author was finally recognized as a genius and his reputation spread throughout the world. Many of Herman Melville's works are literary creations of a high order - blending fact, fiction, adventure and subtle symbolism. Melville's wealth of personal experience in far away places was remarkable even in the footloose and exploring world of the 1800s. He brought vivid imagination, philosophy and American English touch.

Pip the Sailor had ever been my fav and so, when it comes to seas and ships or the like - ever it's adventure and no wonder, Moby Dick is a good read.

- ilaxi patel