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Grimms - Amazon reviews; added Links Page

The Grimm's Fairy Tales are all *Five* Favourite Stars in my Read and Make Read collection in my Library. Children love to read and listen. Even write reviews. Grimms Fairy tales are famous collection of German Folk Tales by two brothers Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm. The first volume contained 86 tales and the second 70 and the last around 210 tales. The translations are perfect in this book and and took minute care to language details. The Grimms had taken pains to collect the tales mainly from friends and acquaintances who lived in and around a place called kassel in Germany and printed as expression of the spirit of german people. These retold stories with their own versions, the brothers have come out to suit public taste and their ideas about telling tales effectively. The translator Ralph Manheim has taken pains equally in translations! Grimm Brothers made the tales softer as children loved to read them. National Geographic serves up an adventure into Grimm fairy tales, some of which include Audio. Click on the Treasure box for a Biography, resource links, and a kid's activity page.

Here are two Reviews from my Amazon Reviews List: (My Amazon Profile + Reviews + My Book (Bibliography) + My Author Blog + Listmania + Wish List + Guides + Friends & Interesting People + Customer Tags....)

Red Riding Hood
Grimms had a superb storyline but the version of Red Riding Hood by Trina Schart Hyman is a Perfect Example for the kids to follow in their day to day life. Red Riding Hood is a sweet innocent girl who in her childishness, does not obey her mom nor keeps her promise. She lacks in her manners but is a friendly, social girl who loves animals and nature. This version has minimum violence illustration. It sets a perfect example to the child with moral values to be good, obedient, careful, keep to promises and the sort. Good for classrooms or parental teach. A child centered tale, the book offers fun and entertaining with a moral in a renewed way and is a good collection of these series of stories in the library. A good Buy and gift for kids.

Hansel and Gretel
Hansel and Gretel is my fav fairy tales. Almost all stories of Grimm have moral values and this one is no exception. Fairy tales were told as form of entertainment too. They show the kids the right way to behave. However, If pondered over, Hansel and Gretel is one fairy tale with Biblical resemblance. The kids view their parents house as a place of security. The two children are wandering through the woods and are hungry, tired and alone. This closely resembles the passage where Jesus wandered through the desert for forty days. He too was tired and hungry and completely alone. During this time, Satan tried to tempt Jesus with food. Satan told Him that if He were the Son of God, then He should turn a stone into bread for food (Luke 4:3). Jesus did not get tempted but here in the story, the children saw the gingerbread house and ate parts of it until they were full. The children continued to eat pieces of it even after they were full, which is gluttony. And Gluttony is one topic in Bible is seen as one of the seven deadly sins, if I am not mistaken. Than the final part, Gretel traps the witch inside her own oven, right before she was getting ready to cook Hansel. The witch is burnt up. This resembles the story of Satan. At the end of Satan's reign over earth, the Christians will be saved from the fire and Satan will be thrown into the fiery pit of Hell, where he will be tortured forever. In end, there is rejoicing; very similiar when the satan (witch) dies,the children reap the rewards and rejoice to 'live happily ever after' Moreover, the tale show abandonment, hunger, fear,friendly sibling example, family unity - issues that startles kids minds to pause and think. It makes the kids dive into imagination and with the very good illustrations and very well re-told classic, this book is a wonderful Pick for all Children - Best of the Best Fairy tale to read and instill moral values in kids.

You can find more Profiles in Literature and hang on to Fairyland for stories to make Projects. Find more on Encourage Kids for Reading here with tips for developing reading habits. Also find Links to Stories in newly made Links Pages and more in Resources. Enjoy.

You can find more Profiles in Literature and hang on to Fairyland for stories to make Projects. Find more on Encourage Kids for Reading here with tips for developing reading habits. Also find Links to Stories in newly made Links Pages and more in Resources. Enjoy.

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Literature Learning: Profiles and Project tips

A Pulitzer Prize Winner Pulitzer Prize for his book length poem The age of anxiety,: A baroque eclogue - A U Auden was born in the month of February (20th February). Check the profile of this remarkable Author who has written best ballads, blues, limericks, sonnets, nonsense verse, oratorios, free verse, librettos (words) for operas and dramas.

Known by the name Wystan Hugh Auden, the Author published about 400 poems, modernised poetry to traditional ballads and limericks. A U Auden's one of the Poetry was taken in Four Weddings and a Funeral Movie. You can find the Poetry here on the Author's Profile and a You Tube clip of the movie with the poetry recitation at the Funeral in the movie.

Even Sidney Sheldon is another Author who had significance to the February month. In fact, he died on 6th February 2007 at the age of 89 due to Pneumonia. A highly read US Author in India, Sidney Sheldon's books shine in my library collection. Being a great fan of Sid, I have almost re-read all his books from time to time. His first book Naked Face was acclaimed by the New York Times as 'the Best first mystery novel of the year'. Sidney Sheldon's many books like Rage of Angels, Master of the Game, Windmills of the Gods and Memories of Midnight have been made into highly successful television mini series too. He has written the screenplays for twenty three motion pictures. Here's Sidney Sheldon's profile for Children'sLiterature Scrap Book. (Book Reviews Here )

Literature gives order to human experience. It demands an emotional response from the reader. As you read through the pages of Literature, it takes you on a journey of exploring on the higher planes of information and language. Next comes, Technology learning Initiatives. Any Teacher or a Parent need to explore Literature zones on the web and we find immense knowledge to share with children.

Here are some Kidsfreesouls Tips to respond to Literature Learning:

1. Make a Literature File

2. Select five Literature Characters from
Kidsfreesouls Literature Index

3. Copy+Paste the Profile and take the print. Add to the file.

4. Make a Poster with one of the Poems of the Literature character. Add to the file

5. Write Author quotes with colorful pens and add the sheet to the file.

6. Make the kids write an imaginary letter to the Profile character.

7. Encourage children to
write a poetry on their own

8. Make the children stage act the literary characters of the Author's book or recite the poetry of the Poet

9. Conduct group discussions about the Author's story. Eg. Cinderella or Snow White. Verbal reviews of the book helps. Later, they can write down

10. Let children enjoy a class of Technology learning - finding Literature characters, classic Literature websites, Quotes, etc.

11. Give them a Bag and add story books, poetry books and scrap book. Let them write reviews and poetry in the scrap book with supportive drawing and coloring fun.

10. Organize Literary parties. Children are excited to do something new on their birthdays. Let the birthday girl make a Literature Project along with five friends prior to the birthday. On the great day, let there be Literature Theme Party. Hang posters of characters, poems, quotes. Arrange a Stage and let these prepared children show their Projects and talk about the characters to the invitee kids. A 20-30 minute presentation followed by poetry recitations and singing rhymes. Kids can later enjoy Literature theme food like cakes, burgers, sandwiches - maybe what the Literature story characters ate.

There are various Literature websites and Guides on the web. You may also find books on Literature in the Library or book stores. Classic Literature for kids and Children's Literature need to be appropriately selected and should be made fun and learn. Often, an illustrated Literature is enjoyable and you can find Popular Contributions to Children's Literature as per the Wiki. Find Dr. Seuss in Resources section and For Kids. Enjoy.
Find more such Profiles in Literature

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Top Blogs on web - If My Blog died today..what would you remember about it?

"If your Blog died today...What would it be remembered for?" Asks Darren Rowse and I wonder whether I would be Alive after 10 years from now! Now, it's an amazing thought what the future could behold 10 years from now or writing obituary for the Blog it stands today!

This will be a motivating exercise for me as I have never taken Blogging seriously but had words and only words to pen down everywhere on the web as writing is my passion. You can call me, 'Jack of all trades, Master of all.'

Well, You can find a List of my Blogs now featured on my Home page. And it's so very true - most of the Bloggers have not Achieved what they want to Achieve with their Blogs. Sometimes, Blogging is a commitment to self and a self responsibility to offer something good to society. Blogging is endless and we leave our footprints on the web as we spread the message of love, faith, peace and joy among human beings.

Well, since you are Kidsfreesouls reader, I guess three questions can have your answers as you are the best judge. (These questions appear here)

1. What would they say about it? (What do you think about my Blogs and Kidsfreesouls?)
2. What would people miss about it? (What will you miss that you would look for updates)
3. How has it fulfilled a need or service in people’s lives. (You may let me know please. I know
my mission but would like you to give bouquets or brickbats.

I look forward for your emails here. Here's on "Magic of thinking Big" and sure, we can dream Big, think and act.

Btw, here's Top Blogs 2009 - A post on my Tech Briefs blog. Here's what I say:

Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish is a lovely meal and as Time says, can be appointed as 'Country's Blogger in Chief.' The Daily Dish sub head says, 'No Party, no clique'. Andrew's post on 'Why Blog' pose as an Inspiration to many a souls like me and nevertheless, I agree to what he says. "We blog as news reaches us, as facts emerge." For Bloggers, deadline is always now - spontaneous and just not like the Reporters or the Novelist who can pick time and wait for final selection. Blogging is more a free form, you even end up writing personal or share, speak loud your ideas and opinions - no barriers but dedicated daily journal posts and committed to self. Read the post and maybe you are inspired to Blog if you're not doing so. A blogger has no limits - you Blog or enjoy real life - no hassles. - From Tech Briefs by Ilaxi Patel

I randomly visit some of the Blogs while I create space in-between my workload. Blogs related to Tech are on my top list, followed by Politics and related to my Blog posts.

Find the Time Magazine's 25 Best Blogs 2009. I am surprized I cannot find ProBlogger and I would add this to Best Blog on the web too! You can find the list of the 2008 Top Web Log Awards on Best Parenting: Top Blogs here.

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Act of Kindness - Randomly

February 11-17 is 'Random Act of Kindness Day'. However, I am not sure of the date and you can search here in Google to find. I think, any date is great to have Kindness Day. I was wondering, why 'Random' but I guess children can well define 'act' and 'kindness' but 'random' is just casual - Children need to know this word 'random' and understand the phrase fully.

Kindness in the Classroom (Home) and Good Manners session are very important to build strong pillars of Character. These simple 'Random' Acts of Kindness are sometimes overlooked. They can build Confidence and boost the self esteem of kids. Kids' acts are worthy a praise so much as we take pride when they excel in academics or sports. Developing a culture of Kindness by way of Projects do promote social-moral values that comes with an attitude to be kind. The emotional quotient misses a pitch for being social as early schooling is more focused on just the cognitive skills of reading and writing. Hence, it is important to nurture non-cognitive skills - social, emotional and behavioral competencies that lead to success in later life.

It is pertinent to build a culture for kindness - from the very start when children are climbing their first steps to school. Here are ethical Kidsfreesouls steps in Behavior Development and always wear the Kindness Badge and sing along "When you Give Love, you Receive Love".

1. Be Kind - As parents-teachers or kids. Just Act, do it. Adults need to inspire and play role their act showing Kindness with their words and act. Identiy ways to be kind and share with children. Interact and engage them while you follow a kind act.

2. Be a good listener - Listen to children and kindly answer their small questions. They turn to listen too. Treat them nice with no spanking or punishment.

3. Catch Kindness - Give stars for being good and no stars for not being kind. Place a chart and have fun together. You can give stars for the kind act to the child and tell him to do the same for you. Reward for kindness when the Kindness Chart reaches set stars. i.e. for 25 kindness acts, give them a reward.

4. Gift Books - Gift books on Kindness and even get books on kindness for yourself. Books like Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is a classic that sets good example.

5. Participate in Group Activity - Involve in activities, social causes, group walks or charity - any activity that calls for social cause and being kind and helpful to others. Organize drawing and coloring sessions, music or crafts sessions for the deaf and dumb, blind children or the orphans - this will fill their world with joy. Teach your children - How to Tithe (give) and these tips may help too. Giving is a responsibility and a source of satisfaction. There is always time in life to help others. You can give without loving and you can't love without giving.

6.Engage them in daily chores - Indulge kids in helping around - at home and school. This will make them more responsible, organized and also feel self worth of job well done. Get them do things they like - planting or watering plants, cutting vegetables, set up menu for lunch or dinner, spread bed sheets, whatever they like to do. Self indulged activities often have a calm effect and peace of mind.

7. Make Friends - Friendship itself has the kindness factor. Showing love, caring for the other and sharing. Get kids to do crafts - make beautiful friendship bands, car hangings, pencil tops or pen stands. Let them gift to their friends. Maybe, paint t-shirts and gift on birthday. Kindness comes in prompt with love and feelings for a friend.

8. Mind Language - A very important factor to remember is 'words'. What you demonstrate, kids follow. Children pick faster what you say and do.

9. I believe : Believe in God and make kids say 'I believe' - When you pray to god for help and guidance, children follow your spirituality and can see your day to day relationship with god through prayers. God hears prayers and it's faith that makes better souls.

As such Emotions are the wild cards in human intelligence They fit into are thinking as emotions create thoughts and thoughts create actions. So, jumpstart to create a Culture of Kindness and let peace be at your doorstep.

Btw, here's Random Act of Kindness Foundation website - A resource for people committed to spreading kindness. It provides a wide variety of materials, including activity ideas, lesson plans, project plans and much more. You can find the Kindness dates, calendar, create a website, share kindness experiences, find e-cards and get free stuff. Be Inspired or just Be kind.
Spread Kindness - Spread sunshine. God Bless.

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Explore Valentine Pages - Kids Valentine Project

Come February and it's ever the month of Love - Valentine's Day. Ask kids and they love to sing "Papa, He Loves Mama, Mama, she Loves Papa" and ask about Valentine, I often found children shying away yet happy to say, "Happy Valentine' to teachers, friends or anybody who they are fond of. As teachers and parents, we fail to define the word 'Love' and elaborately explain to kids what these 4 letters mean or what it means to say the wonder three words 'I Love You' and really mean it.

Here's Kids Free souls eight ways the Sternberg psychological way to find what is Love! We all know what it's like to get "butterflies" when someone we are attracted to walks into a room, but how do we know when it's love and not simply an infatuation? Is it Crush? Infatuation? Love? Anyway, its definitely 'Mind Boggling or Mind Blowing'. We need to identify our weaker or sharp intuitions especially when it comes to loving people - our family, children and most important 'love of our life'. All one need to remember is ‘Smooth sailing Relationship’ with soft hearts but no broken relations if one got to stay happy, make happy, stay cool.

Surfing on the Internet highways, times are no longer as they use to be some few years ago. The ICQ, chat rooms, messengers etc. are more interactive and meaningful as people have now realized not to live in dream worlds. I did come across people who had crushes and love bytes out of the blue and ended up in few seconds or couple of days. It is here to know how to deal with situations and take control of Emotional Swich board.

Children are no exceptions. Especially, the teenagers. With safe Social networking places like Glubble and Habbo, children can now socially interact, have own family page, share photos, music and much more. What parents or teachers need is to guide them to know what is right and wrong - Teach them on topics like Valentine in a fun learning way and what Love means to different people in different ways and why it is important to understand feelings and relationships.

Surf the Valentine Pages and guide Children 'Learn and Fun' way on Valentine. Make them do simple Projects as listed here on the Projects Page - Drawing, coloring and making Posters is always Fun and they can simply let their heart flutter with joy. You can print the Valentine Project Poster and let this be their Cover page for the Project or even Pin Up in the classroom while conducting the Valentine session. It can be exciting and entertaining as children love hearts and sure, we can win their hearts much better and easier than any other, Isn't it? Enjoy and "Happy Valentine!"

Search for keywords 'Valentine day' 'valentine for kids' in kidsfreesouls Search here

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Internet Bus Project and Doodle 4 Google

India Internet Bus Project of Google Rolls on...
Making Life Simple and Easy to know the World wide web.The Internet-enabled bus will focus on the four themes - education, information, communication and entertainment. The Bus will be mobile in Tamil Nadu over the next month and a half to demonstrate how the Internet can make everyday tasks simple with tools like Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps and more. Here's the Map on the Internet Bus Project page.

Btw, Is your child a good artist and live in US? Here's the chance to enter into a Google Doodle 4 Google contest in the U.S. Google doodles are the special "dressed-up" logos that Google run on their homepage for holidays and other events, and Doodle 4 Google is an opportunity for one child to have his/her artwork displayed on their homepage as a doodle for hundreds of millions of people to see. This year's theme is "What I Wish for the World," and tap into not only children's creativity but also what they want their future to look like.

Find more details on Google Official Competition website. Even if your children cannot participate if they're in India, let them Wish for a Better World - Get them to write or paint and pin up in your School/home/club paste boards. Even you can send to Kidsfreesouls to add to Paste Board section.
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Watch the Last Year's Award ceremony:

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Dental Hygiene Month - Calendar and Projects for February

February month is the month of Venus and Mars. Month of Valentine. It is also American Heart Month, Children Dental Health Month and Love your Pet Day and more on Literature profiles. Find the February event Calendar and Projects for kids here on Kidsfreesouls.

Pic - Getty Images in Kidsfreesouls Environment
As february is Dental Hygiene month, here's my permalink on Health Blog. I wonder, how can the younger kids and adults face the trauma of Dentist treatment? One culprit in food is Sugar to be blamed as far as eating habits are concerned. Other than sugar too, there are factors responsible.

When children are younger, early visit to the dentist is a good way to learn proper oral hygiene at an early age, including avoiding nighttime bottles or cups of formula or juice, proper tooth-brushing, and a diet that promotes good dental health. Normally, a child diet is overlooked as we pamper our kids and stuff them with a lot of binge food and the chocolates n cakes n all the sugary n creamy stuff.

I would recommend simple steps for kids :

1. Know your mouth - teeth are vulnerable to acid attacks and we need to limit the amount of time teeth is exposed to the acid produced by the bacteria in the mouth. Hence, keep teeth clean, eat less of the foods that bacteria proliferate and get to eat more food that has positive effects.

2. Right Food: I said sugar but than sugar alone is not the culprit too. Carbohydrated food forms acids which sets the scene for decay. Hence, to make neutral - bad to good - is to finish a carbohydrate rich food with piece of cheese or keep sugar free gums.

3. Good Dental care: major problem with children is brushing the teeth. Twice a day with fluoride toothpaste. It's necessary to clean between the teeth with dental floss once a day. No eating before bedtime as salivary flow decreases as we sleep. And visiting a dentist on regular intervals.

4. Eating habits: Frequency of eating should be reduced. We find children nibbling a snack or sipping a drink and parents providing all they can. Time between meals should be allowed for saliva to neutralize acids and repair the teeth. Even one need to avoid brushing teeth immediately ater acidic food like citrus fruits, etc. to allow time for remineralisation to occur.

5. Remember the plus and minus food: The moderate intake of cheese as cheedar and swiss cheese is fine. The neutral one's are protein foods as eggs, fish but the bad food for teeth are sweets, cookies, pasta - any form of sugar, even honey. Dried and canned fruit and juices and cold drinks with sugar contents are all no good for teeth. If taken, you need to care for oral health after consuming.

All is the need of the hour, is to take care of good care of teeth right from the younger age. Minimize the risk of Dental trauma and believe me, for kids, it's a 'Nightmare' just as adults face the pain.

You can find the Smile Calendar for February and more from ADA or even Download February Pet animal theme Calendar as 21st February is Pet Animal Day. Find the Calendar Events and Projects that kids may enjoy.

Btw, do you have Genius child and face Counselling issue with the child's attitude and behavior? Find Kidsfreesouls Team Crew answer in Counselling column and even read 'Create a Genius in your Child' in Mom Zone section.

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Have you ever found yourself or people around you with Stuttering? A communication disorder with flow of speech broken with repetitions or prolongations. (eg. he-he-he said or thaaat way). Sometimes, there is a gap in-between words. Stuttering referred as Stammering is occurred due to varied reasons. Either Stuttering is in the family genetics, delayed development in childhood, brain deficiency or neurophysiology, fear complex and high lifestyles.

As researchers say, For 70 per cent left handers, the left hemisphere controls speech, just as it does in all but a few right handers. But for 15 percent of left handed persons, the right half of the brain controls speech. For the remaining 15 percent, speech is controlled by both right and left hemispheres. Stuttering may be more common among left handed males. One theory on a cause of stuttering is that in some left handed persons, the two hemispheres of the brain compete for control of speech. Also high testosterone levels in the male make boys react more strongly than girls to stress and perhaps causes the greater aggressiveness and hyper active at an early age. This can also be a factor in a greater frequency of left handedness, dyslexia and stuttering in boys.

It is learnt over 3 million Americans Stutter with majority in males. Most of them have the fillers like 'um' - 'er' - 'uh' thought sometimes, this is fashionable as style speech. In fact, dis-fluency includes hesitancy. We often find children in our classrooms with stressed facial muscles, struggling to narrate a story of while talking, repeating words or trying to find words and as we prompt them to speak, they find way to finish the sentence. The voice pitch raises or gets dim. Even fear grips them and they miss on words. Sometimes, parents or teachers lose the patience if stuttering increase and repeatedly and the child keeps on making efforts in vain.
Well, so what will you do to help your kids in classrooms or at home. Especially, with those children who are stuttering and have a fear syndrome with inferiority complex. Maybe, Kidsfreesouls tips may help:

1. First and foremost, slow and relax your own speech. Speak mild, polite and do not hurry with your own fluency. The child may fail to pick up faster what you say, as you think.

2. Dis-fluency is the result of stuttering. Give time. Give words. Give comfort. Give support.

3. Build the confidence. Encourage the child and stand by while he tries to speak - narrate the story or an incident. Get classroom debate and increase space. Get children involved and speak their mind, their way.

4. Build Self Esteem. Reassure and let the child reframe words. Show empathy, give hope. Instead of spanking or nagging, says words like 'I know you are trying..go on..Even I get stuck up with words'

5. Calm down expectations. Boys are boys and girls are girls. There is difference in brain connections. Seek new ways of seeing the brain.

6. Calm down Kid Stress. We often admit that kids too have stress. Too much of lessons to learn in class rooms, homework, peer group pressures, extra activities - all weigh stress for the mind to work faster round the clock. Let music fill their small world and paint their dreams at intervals. Children will respond faster when they are happy.

7. Finally, give them a cozy family lifestyle and a friendly classroom. Raised voices, fighting and bickering will fill them with fright and stuttering follows due to unhealthy environment.

Well, Artie Knapp, our Kidsfreesouls Children's Story Author (Fairyland), has launched his latest book 'Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand' - Stanley is like most squirrels: he loves nuts, climbing trees and playing with friends. But Stanley feels different from the other animals in his neighborhood, because he has a problem with words. Teased and bullied about his stuttering, Stanley refuses to let on that his feelings are being hurt, until one day he learns an important lesson from a new friend. Stuttering Stan Takes a Stand is published by the Division of Speech Pathology at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center, which is the largest pediatric speech pathology program in the United States. You can read Author Artie Knapp's Interview on Speechpathology here.

Find Artie Knapp's stories here for classroom Projects here. Grab a copy of the book here:

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