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Spiritual Wisdom in Kids and How to Tithe

How do you teach your child to live their Faith? It normally happens that most of the parents do not consider any sort of specific teaching guidelines when it comes to spirituality or keeping faith. Most of the children learn initially by asking simple questions like, "How did the sun come mom?"; "Where do babies come from?" or "Who made the sun, stars, oceans, mountains.." - Parents respond to this curiosity to explain of god's existence and the importance of relationship with god. Children accompany their parents to the church and even join for Sunday reading. They learn by example - when you pray, read your bible or listen to hymns or through illustrative posters and calendars. Helping children to be aware of God, kids just happen to follow the faith - the faith they come to realize! They start getting spiritual to understand God and the existence of the wonder power spirit whom we know as 'God'. This power can nourish and provide them with strength and courage to live a meaningful life and joyful, constructive, productive journey to being a free soul.

Well, How do we teach the child Spiritual Wisdom? And here's guidelines to build the Faith. However, it is also important to teach your child to Give (or call it Tithe, which means giving tenth part of income to church). Like the song we teach our kids, "If you give love, you will receive love - same way, it is important to teach a child to give away their share of things they like to buy like toys, clothes, cassettes. Sometimes, children do not like to share their belongings. However, charity begins at home! So, how do you teach your child to 'Give' (or Tithe)? Here's some simple steps:

1. Begin when children are small: Let them have their piggy banks with different colors. When they are given money, they can opt to place in with a purpose. eg. one for saving, one for spending and the third for charity or tithing to help others.

2. Involve the child : Discuss what you would like to do with the money for tithe and involve the child to decide. If she wants to give to church or temple, or to poor or spend for donating for animals.

3. Teach to organize: It is important to teach a child to be organized. Give them the pocket money or money for birthdays, Christmas, etc. and make it a point to regularly let the child add to the piggy banks. This way, the child will form a habit and remind to save with a feeling that the gift is towards a good cause and it makes him raise his spiritual quotient.

4. Communicate: Talk to children about Causes. Talk with examples, illustrations, whatever. Let the child know how good a cause they are doing by helping others. Teach, "By Giving love, you receive love. God's kindness to other people would be shown through you and your sharing in God's great world will make you a better person."

5. Direct Inner self: Encourage children to be Positive. Recommend good books, inspire with good music. Encourage them to possess Spiritual Atitude that makes a difference. Tell them, God Loves one and all. In good times or bad.

The teachings of most of all the Faiths support the belief that Children are never too small to absorb Spirituality (Moses, oneness). Here's some examples:

Judaism say, "My son, gather instruction from thy youth up, so shalt thou find wisdom till thine old age"

Hinduism say, "Knowledge is riches, what one learns in youth is engraven on stone"

Islam say, "Seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave"

Buddhism say, "He who, even as a young student, applies himself to the doctrine of truth brightens up this world like the moon set free from the clouds"

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There is an excellent children’s book called Other People’s Shoes. It does a great job of teaching kids the importance of kindness inside of a very captivating story. You should check it out! Here is a link: