Saturday, December 13, 2008

Imagine Peace! Lessons on Anti Terrorism and Peace

Happy Holidays! Christmas time and it brings a holy of faith, peace and happiness. Imagine, how peaceful minds can inspire the young who can bring peace in our lives in the coming future?
Peace is at every door step - It only takes a fraction of a second to spread peace. You may wonder, How can we do this? As teachers and parents, we often miss on the little details of real life. So, here's a Lesson Plan on Peace. Say cheese, begin with a smile and Imagine, I hope you will join Kidsfreesouls Mission and someday, we can share the world and be as One.

Terrorism like 9/11 and 26/11 with more round the world has made children quite anxious and inquisitive to the Who, what, when, where, why - such things are happening. We may not be able to provide many of these answers but we have our moral duty to make the children understand Terrorism like any other calamities namely, Earthquake or Environmental changes. So many times, parents or even teachers do not respond to the small yet big questions of children. They half heartedly listen as they are occupied with other things. You see but you don't look or pay heed, you listen but don't hear, you may answer but brush off! Children are our future and peace need to be their existence in time of situations like war, terror, threat to nations or any natural or man made calamities.

Here is a Peace Lesson on Kidsfreesouls with Anti Terrorism Lesson Plans and Articles that you may find interesting, useful read. John Lennon was killed on 8th December 1980 and you can find his wonderful message on Peace here with video and song lyrics too.

Here is Action call:

Action Call:

>Promote peace
>Protect children rights
>Keep Kids safe & away from Guns (Even Toy Guns)
>Restrict Television viewing
>Avoid Movies on war and violence
>Talk and Read stories of courage, hope and strength
>Communicate & Spread awareness

We need to communicate, Discuss, maintain a routine, Develop Self control and build confidence, Educate (Read in detail here)

The recent terror attacks in Mumbai had been telecasted on all TV channels repeatedly with kids watching the gruesome inhuman acts live. It is during this situation, we need to switch off the television in front of these children and even educate the child and provide guidance. It's time to stop crime and stop kids from negative influence.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids

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