Friday, December 26, 2008

Midnight mass pics - Educate kids and stop child labor

The midnight mass night of 24th December 2008 at St. Xavier's Parish and other Churches in my city had the holy crib making, tree decorations, hymns and bible chapter reads with sermons as to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

The sermons were in two languages - English and Gujarati. As the father spoke of Love, peace and happiness, I saw a ray of hope for the children surrounding the Church areas in town who are poor and need to survive. He said, "We see a lot of child labour and it is our duty to help these children to get education. Can we not make this a Project for 2009? Try eliminate povery in our areas and help the needy children." The concerns were spoken in Gujarati with story examples and the same was in English on the big screen where the parishers who were sitting outside the church could see the mass proceedings on the screen. This year, the presence was larger but missed was the Christmas song sung 190 years ago in Austria - Silent Night, Holy Night....Or maybe I missed if it was sung after confessions/prior to start of holy readings. Anyways, you can find the holy night song here with lyrics and music to sing along with links to info on Silent Night song website. Enjoy.

The two pics here for view as I attended the St.Xavier's Parish and clicked on my blackberry. I notice, the black berryberry pics aren't so clear like my iphone. Whereas, the music in blackberry plays much better than the iphone.

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- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for kids

The main Alter at St. Xavier's Parish, Ahmedabad
St. Francis Xavier at the entrance

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