Saturday, December 06, 2008

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St. Nicholas (Santa Claus) Death (feast) Day: 6th December
It's been a delightful visit for me to Vallabh Vidhyanagar recently. It was an Industrial visit to Elecon Engineering, Milcent and other units with the GCCI delegate as a Business women's committee member. We even had a round table discussion on 'Recession' with the VV Industries Association members. The experience for me is unforgettable but more on this later, as I have some special links to mention here.

The first is, the Network Student Video explaining the use of Google notebook, doc, Scholar and Google reader in a classroom. Next is, Social Media in Plain English - a Commoncraft videos in You Tube Fav Kidsfreesouls Log. You can even read the sub titles of the Social media here which is a story that illustrates forces shaping the social media.

I agree, Social Media maybe the next buzz thing. Though, Social media is getting too favorites with students here, the buzz goes around chit-chatting and socializing only. Students at the foreign classroom discuss the classroom assignments on the wall on how they cope up writing the essays. There is a need to use the tools and grab opportunities to interact with people who care. Children can be a lot creative, use the tools like the blogger, twitter, you tube, picasa, etc. and convey, interact, invent or share - book reads, reviews, ideas, music, news, whatever. What we need is to Educate. Cyber Safety is a prime concern but if children are taught to be more Focused and educated to use the Social media, networking becomes a learning process and more enjoyable too.

Well, here is Google Educators Group with Larry Ferlazzo's Best List and I am sure, this will be helpful to many teachers and parents as well. What makes it so interesting is the Lesson Plan Link to Mumbai Terrorism Lesson Plan to educate children on such man made disaster events - the W's of Who, what, when, where, and why such things happen and check their EQ's (Emotional Quotient) as to what their reaction could be, how they felt or what would be their action plan if they are fixed in such situation.

Btw, December is a holy month and as we all love Santa Claus, here's St. Nicholas Day on 6th December - Find more in Kidsfreesouls Christmas pages. You can also find great resource links on Larry's site on Christmas, Hanullah and Kwanzaa.

All religions and the curriculum in the classrooms focus on cultural learning but more is a reason to Keep the Faith and believe in a super power whom we call 'God'. And to follow the message of Humanity, Kidsfreesouls spreads the message of love, faith, peace and unity among Human beings - Join my site and "Show you care, spread PEACE." Just click to Join the site. Enjoy!

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