Thursday, December 30, 2010

Build Arks for Future...Farewell 2010 - Welcome 2011

Farewell 2010 - Welcome 2011 - Ring out the old, ring in the new - Let this Year be a year of 'Silence'. It is said, Silence speaks a thousand words. Choose Life, choice is yours. Here is the time to make Resolutions - Make them right, make them firm. So, why not follow some of the Resolutions that may make a big difference. Why Silence, you can resolve to be Optimistic or spread peace. However, one thing is sure that when Resolutions are made to follow, they build a future. Build Arks of Future (In Guardian of Angels) . Let this future be yours to cherish all happiness round the year 24x7, 365 days. Enjoy, Peace be with you, me, us.

- Make Resolutions-Build Arks of Future Listen to the New Year Song Song words Robert Burns

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jane Austen loved to ride on donkey carriage...Me too:-)

Jane Austen and it's 235th Birthday celebrations on 16th December. Did you know, Jane loved to ride to town on a donkey carriage? It was given to her by her brother Edward Knight in the 1800s. Jane lived in the beautiful village of Chawton and travelled into Alton (a nearby town) by donkey and carriage to go shopping and visit friends. Jane Austen is considered the best woman author of all time, but her witty, satiric novels about everyday people living ordinary lives were unappreciated until the twentieth century. Google celebrates Jane Austen Birthday with doodle of Sense and Sensibility. Sense and Sensibility, Austen's first book, was published October 31, 1881, twelve years after she first offered it to a publisher. Thomas Egerton agreed to publish it only if Austen agreed to pay the loss. However, the reviews were good and she made £140.

Find Jane Austen Profile in Literature.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

World of Literature

Poets, when they are born, the parents little do they know their future. The Childhood phase passes with all the thick and thin. As the child grows up learning to climb the first steps, the first few words spoken are joy to listen. Gradually, they build their vocabulary and turn to choose their chosen activity and follow their instincts. It is here that Parents need to Nurture a genius in the child. As we find, assignments given to kids to write a poetry, like learning music, it is not a cup of tea for every child. First, they need to learn how to read, speak and write. Follows the vocabulary and learning how to write a poetry or a story. Well, more on this on the blog posts and Poetry pages. For now, step into Literature World and find John Milton and Emily Dickinson's profiles, in case you've missed.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

Thank You for passing by

Fourth Thursday in November is celebrated as ‘Thanksgiving Day’ People thank God for his blessings. People can ‘Thank’ friends, foes and anyone for the experiences, happiness and sunshine they bring into their lives

Thank You for passing by

Wherever a beautiful
soul has been
there is a trail
of beautiful memories....

My readers Inspire me to keep going on Kidsfreesouls. I appreciate your Visits. Thanks:-)

Find 'How to teach children to write Thank You Notes. Btw, have you written your word? Follow this page.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hi - Hello - Bonjour - Namaste - Hola......

21st November is Hello Day. "HELLO" – When we say this five lettered word, it’s the sound that makes a big difference. Your voice is the inner reflexion of your soul. Every person has gifted with a voice which one can modulate with the speech styles. The voice is the power within you. It has powers that make a person fall in love with you. Close your eyes and listen to the smooth husky flowing voice of ‘George Michael’ or a close friend and you can feel the calm like a breath of fresh air! Listen to the musical sensation of Ricky Martin’s ‘Cup of Life’ and one can feel the rush of excitement in life. Listen to the bold voice of late PM Rajiv Gandhi and you are sure to feel the concerns finding yourself in the midst of a debate getting aggressive and confident. A voice can make one ready for a battle of words which can calm and seduce, provoke or silence, thrill and charge or can be electrifying. Voice has a special depth of thoughts and can influence your whole life as well as others. When you say ‘Hello’ the sound is like tinkling bell when you say it with softness and deep feeling but if you are harsh with your words, this means you are not towards the right track to road ahead of success. Words spoken with intelligence, words spoken with soft feelings, words spoken with understanding has an impact on the other with the voice powers. If you observe people talking, you can find the characteristics of the person which can master you with ‘mind reading’. Voice can get you hired or fired or promoted too. A voice can make friends or foes. A voice bring love back into your life and a voice can make your work loads lighter when you are on hieghts of your job and the work stress is higher. A Free Soul Friend Siddharth says " Voice is like a calm breeze which builds the faith and brings in the peace of mind." Vivek puts it this way that a voice should be pleasant that a person keeps talking to you but it also depends on one’s identity otherwise you are sure to be rejected with a bang of the receiver if you just call someone and say ‘Hi’. However this depends on the way you start your say, so he beams. Rohan too supports Vivek’s views on voice but Binal snaps back ‘Priya had a beautiful voice and talked for hours but she faced a rejection from me. What’s the point of hearing a beautiful voice when you can’t meet, says he!

Truly, Voice is a lovely gift that humans possess and as someone said "Speech is silvern, silence is gold" – Speech is Silvern but Silence speaks a thousand words and those thousand words when are accumulated comes out with an outburst, overflowing thoughts stored in the mind and than there is peace and calmness, isnt this true?

Btw, Power speak your way to Success. Find cool Kidsfreesouls tips here and stay tuned to Moms Zone - check in all my Book Articles as I update online.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tolerance - on the Back Seat???

16th November is International Tolerance Day. Gautam Buddha said “For hatred does not cease by hatred any time; hatred ceases by love” and when we see the world getting charged to fall apart, we find Victims of differences whose hearts are filled with hatred and their eyes flaring the fire to engulf and burn the enemy to ashes. Tolerance is on the back seat with the 21st century Gen X and as one notice, from kid to a youth, the art of ‘Let go’ finds no place to existence. Social, economic and political tensions have mounted up and its that most religions preach tolerance and tolerance is the necessary loom to knit society. Intolerance creates prejudices and bog down to fill the mind with remorse and malign thoughts where one can’t see the hay when the sun shines. Tolerance is openness to differences and that depends on self-esteem. If there is self-esteem, the threat of differences is gone and one can co-exist in harmony to others.

Read more in my article : Tolerance is on Back Seat??? Also Download Tolerance pdf and click to read 'Attitude - It makes a Big Difference apart from other related link articles.

Read my Articles on Parenting as I reframe most of the pages on Kidsfreesouls. Some of these articles appear in my Book 'Guardian of Angels: A practical guide to Joyful Parenting.'

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Witch stories - Explore Halloween's Day Page on

31st October is marked as Halloween's Day. The image of Witches roaming the skies with broomsticks and fear of ghosts and spirits haunt the children. However, Halloween is so much fun for children in UK, US and most parts of Northern Europe.

As you surf the page of Halloween (Mystifying myths), this mention of Witch reminds me of the story of Rupunzel. The Witch snatched away the first born child 'Rupunzel' and locked her in a big tower. Whenever the witch said, 'Rupunzel, Rupunzel, let your hair down', Rupunzel let her long golden hair down from the tower and the witch climbed up to talk to her. Later a Prince came and heard the witch. He immitated and Rupunzel let her hair down. Both of them meet and the witch did come to know about this. She brutally cut Rupunzel's hair and next time, when the Prince came, he found the witch with Rupunzel who threw him down and later, ran away with Rupunzel. Fortunately, the Prince finds her in the end and the witch dies.

I just helped two children read this story at the Sports Club Library. They had stacked too many books but when asked, both replied that they did not read any book! While encouraging them, I narrated the story showing pictures and yes, the kids read the book thoroughly after hearing the story.

Well, I guess, we need to encourage kids for reading and what other time could be - right now? Collect all books that have characters as 'witch' - Rupunzel, Black Beauty, Red Riding Hood and so on....Children love to read them and Halloween is the time to get them read books with witch characters, get halloween costumes and let it be a halloween party with red color treats and decorations.

Follow the Halloween's day Page and Encourage Reading Page on Kidsfreesouls.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

e bike lanes - concerns for safety

Some time ago, I read about bikers who gather on Sundays and even joined the walkathon with bikes! Morning exercise on open wide roads is fine but for those who are already using bikes, ask them and we know 'Traffic is a big issue and biking on roads is dangerous' - Agree? I do. I use to go for my daily bike rides when I realized the cross roads always gave me panic with the rushing AMTS buses and fast pacing cars - people overtaking from wrong way and scooterists/motor cyclists driving like a rowing, swinging boat ! All pushed me, a cyclist away to get down many a times and save my soul. I ended up using my society lanes for biking every day but this too gave me panics as cars rushed in from all lanes with great speed! Now, where do I find the bike lanes?

Safety is indeed a concern. Special cycling lanes are no more like they use to be earlier as our roads are almost tailored for one in all vehicles. Drive as you like it. Here's a question that concerns safety - Some cities—New York, Los Angeles, Seattle—make available maps of bicycle routes. The inclusion of bike routes on Google Maps has also been a boon to cyclists across the country looking for the safest and most direct routes. I wonder, when we can find such Bicycle routes in Gujarat and India?

Here's this week's Environment Questions:

Are there efforts to increase bike lanes and paths around the nation? I’d like to be able to bike more instead of drive, but I’m concerned about safety. - John Shields, Minneapolis, MN

“Around the U.S. new bike lanes and paths are all the rage, helping cash-strapped cities simultaneously green operations and trim budgets (adding bike lanes is far less costly than building new roads). Some studies have even shown that bike trails help improve nearby home values.

¿Hay alguna manera de utilizar la energía en la caca de mis perros? Tengo tres perros y mucho estiércol y querría deshacerme de esto en una manera más “verde.” - Mary C., Wallace, ID
(Is there a way to utilize the energy in my dogs’ poop? I have three dogs and lots of poop and would like to dispose of it in a “greener” manner. - Mary C., Wallace, )

“Matthew Mazzotta, armado con una beca de $4.000 del Instituto de Tecnología de Massachusetts (MIT) creó el sistema ingenioso de convertidor de caca Park Spark que utiliza caca de perro para alimentar un farol a gas que ilumina un rincón del Pacific Street Dog Park en Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Read the Question and Answers - In English In Spanish

Sometimes, as teachers, we find it difficult to explain to children on why use less vehicles and go more cycling and walking. Their arguments on road safety and their first hand information on happennings on road even give us second thoughts, How can we promote cycling? Urban living has its own gains and pains - We can only teach our children to be safe and adopt transportation for them to go to school that checks their safety.

A new program on Road safety is lately being introduced in schools by the Traffic Police - A concern, the Taffic staff needs to understand the rules first, isn't it?

- ilaxi patel
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Festival of overcoming spiritual obstacle:Navratri

Festival of Music and Dance, Navratri is nine days celebration with tenth day as Dussehra being celebrated for victory of Good over evil. Based on mythological tales, the celebrations continue with a meaning to overcome three undesirable obstacles in spiritual path. Read more on this festival in Kidsfreesouls Culture pages.

- Happy Navratri

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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Green Investing - Learning about Investments that help environment

Ecological crisis is exploding. Socio economic inequality, economic catastrophe and environment hazards boom, not only America but world over. There has been a growing concern over consumer demands regarding green solutions. Amidst continuous struggle to restore environment, green solutions find way to progressive world and Green Investing focus on Investing with values. Socially Responsible Investing has found way and we find, refusal to own stocks in tobacco, alcohol, gambling, weapons or nuclear energy companies. Community awareness pave its way to greener investing keeping in mind the future and the hazards that pose a threat.

You can find more in the book and explore the Environment Column at with more Green Questions and Answers that tickle the mind. This week's questions (In English and Spanish) are:

What are some good resources out there for learning about investments that help the environment?- Rob Johnson, Sherman Oaks, CA

Is it now feasible to provide all of a home’s energy needs—including air conditioning—with solar power alone? If so, why hasn’t solar caught on more, particularly in U.S. “Sun Belt” states from southern California east to Florida? - Tim Douglas, Burlington, VT

Read more on Kidsfreesouls - Environment Pages. If you have any Question related to Environment, do send in your concerns.

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mahatma's Ideology on Education

Born on 2nd October, 1869, Mahatma Gandhi’s Ideology on Education has ever been so inspiring as he placed importance on Observation skills. He said, "A student means one who has hunger for knowledge. True knowledge is first and foremost to know own self. To attain this, one must know literature, history, geography, mathematics and so on. A real student will pursue to learn more at every stage and dedicate himself to attain knowledge which is an unending process. One has to develop habits of observation. One would not, then, always need a multitude of teachers or rather, would look upon the world as one’s teacher and accept everything in it which is good." Gandhiji inspired the inner spirit of the nation too - all with his spirit of truth and non violence. He left us the legacy of ahimsa, love and tolerance. Today, we salute the personality and pay our respects as even the nation. Gandhiji has emphasized social awareness amongst children and follow the path of truth and do what is good and honest. Click here for Gandhiji's profile and Gandhi Quiz from his book 'My Experiments of Life'. Gandhiji's page on Kidsfreesouls has ever been the highest surfed pages through Google Search and as I keep more contents posted on this, stay tuned.

- Gandhiji's Profile & more Information

Gandhiji followed Bhagwad Gita though on Religion, he said, "Even as a tree has a single trunk but many branches and leaves, there is one religion and that is "Religion of Humanity" There can be many faiths but the essence of all religions is one, only their approaches are different."

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Banned Books Week

September 25-October 2 - Celebrate the Freedom - freedom to Read! Observed every year in September since 1982, The American Library Association explains: “Banned Books Week celebrates the freedom to choose or the freedom to express one's opinion even if that opinion might be considered unorthodox or unpopular and stresses the importance of ensuring the availability of those viewpoints to all who wish to read them. After all, intellectual freedom can exist only where these two essential conditions are met.”

Very True, Indeed. At Kidsfreesouls, every year we celebrate Banned Books Week and even encourage kids for reading. Watch the video above with Banned Books Title and also read the Blog here on Banned Books.

- Banned Books & Encourage Reading

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Kidsfreesouls Google Personalized news

4,000 sources to more than 50,000, and from one English edition to 72 editions in 30 languages - That's Google News, eating the cake of News Successive Years !

On September 22, 2002, Google News rolled out to all English-language readers, with a dedicated News tab on Over the years Google has made thousands of changes to deliver more news to more users—faster, and with enhanced customization, sharing and serendipity. They've added video, local news, custom sections, scanned newspaper archives and a redesigned homepage.

As I explored Kidsfreesouls Google News Section reflects Google news pieces to be better aware and be an informed parent, teacher, kid as it features choice news pieces in Category as:

kids News
Games for Kids
schools, parents and teachers
kids Safe sites
Kids Writing
world news
Video Games
Most Popular

The latest in the series added is Video Games News. Check Kidsfreesouls Google News Section - Read Top Stories of last 8 years that appeared in Google News and Read More Kidsfreesouls Personalized News Random Updates.....

- Kidsfreesouls Google News Section

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Green Notes - Ozone Day

Green Notes and the column dates back to 2001 when I started the Environment Page on Kidsfreesouls. Natural or man-made calamities and its Doomsday predicted! We are responsible for our own living and lifestyles. Moreover, struggle & Strife continues with War, Destruction & Nuclear Threats as years roll by unbalancing nature. 16th September is Ozone Day. "Ozone is still decreasing but just not as fast", said Mike Newchurch, associate professor at the University of Alabama and lead scientist on the study. "We are still decades away from the total ozone recovery" (Read More on Ozone Page)

Stay tuned to this section and help Save Environment, Save Mother Earth.

- Find Environment Pages and Related resources

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Environment friendly Cars : Diesel fuel?

New Questions in Environment gives a light to many hidden facts and understanding that we sort for to Save Environment. When we buy cars and even recommend our customers to make a choice and buy a Car, the first thing that we think of is the budget and the next is environment friendly car. Though most of the people are not focused on environment friendly cars, Diesel cars are preferential and go green cars are finding way to markets lately.

Here's a question on Volkswagens that use diesel fuel. It says, In the past, diesel fuel was always considered dirtier than gasoline. But newer standards regulating sulfur content and improved technology in diesel engines have made diesel somewhat kinder to the environment. Find the Question and Answer in the Environment column and read on....

In Environment Column - Earth Talk

I’ve been hearing about the great gas mileage for Volkswagens that use diesel fuel. But is it better for the environment to use diesel or unleaded gasoline? - K. Cronk, Bay City, MI

- In English In Spanish

Effective emission control system with state of the art engine and cars designed to have fuel efficiency are the need of the hour.

- ilaxi patel
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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Festive season!

Friday, 10th September is the Rakshabandhan day for many Brahmins. This day all Modh Brahmins wear the sacred thread chanting the 'Gayatri Mantra' and sisters tie rakhi later on. It might surprize many but the tradition dates back years ago as Bhadarva sud Bij (Bhadrapad Mass shukal paksh) 10th September, 2010 is set for Rakhi Day for Brahmins. Find the Raksha Bandha Page here.

11th September is the festival of Lord Ganesh - god of wisdom, prudence, and salvation.It is believed that Ganesha was born on the Chaturthi of bright night of Bhadra. Reincarnated in different yugas in different forms to right wrongs, it is believed that Ganesha will be born again as 'Dhoomaketu' in Kali Yuga, to exterminate the evil and restore peace and harmony.

10th September is also being celebrated as Id and you can find the page here.

- Inspirations from Lord Ganeshjee

- ilaxi patel
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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Freesouls Tips to develop Art of Forgiveness - Paryushan festival

Three Jewels of
Right Faith,
Right Knowledge &
Right Conduct
are the path leading to peace and purity
- Jainism

Paryushan, the most important Ongoing Jain religious festival observed by Shvetambars (8 days festive spirits) and Digambars (10 days festive). This period is intensive reading, reflection and purification with fasting and reading of Mahavira - 14 dreams of his mother and followed by story of his life, birth, life and liberation. For Shvetambars, the final day of Paryushan is "Samvatsari Pratikraman - the annual confession. (Read More)
- Paryushan - Samvatsari - Mahavir

In real sense, the impact of the Jain festival helps us develop the art of ‘let go’ and ‘forgiveness’ and like Osho says 'Every emotion arising in you is a great opportunity. Master the mind. It is a state of consciousness when the outer world is reflected in . Mind is nothing but the process of thinking, the traffic of thought' and so, its wise to master our mind and think positive - shrug off the black seeds of ego, hate, jealousy, anger, possessiveness, dominance from the heart and possess white flowers of love, peace, compassion, service, sincerity, sensitivity and awareness which makes us 'Better people'.

Here are some Freesouls Tips to develop the Art of Forgiveness - What we sow is what we reap.

- ilaxi patel
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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Happy Teachers' Day - 5th September

5th September is Teachers' Day. Adams said "The teacher affects eternity. One can never tell where his or influence stops" Shower of Roses to all Teachers...all those who taught me and wherever they are, all those who knowingly or unknowingly teach me online through their words and actions....May the fragrance of my Roses never fade so that the sweet fragrance fills your heart with pleasure and appreciation that you bloom like a flower throughout the year and spread sunshine into the lives of children and many people around.

As I pass through the phases in life, I recall what Dr. Radhakrishnan said once: "A good teacher must know how to arouse the interest of the pupil in the field of study for which he is responsible. He must himself be a master in the field of study and be in touch with the latest developments in the subject, he must himself be a fellow traveller in the exciting pursuit of knowledge"

It is due to the great Teacher Dr. Radhakrishnan that 'Teachers' Day' is being celebrated in appreciation for all teachers. When some students and friends wanted to celebrate his Birthday, he gently said, "Instead let this be Teachers' Day" and so it is. When children in my class gave me cards, it's a fond sweet memory and when today, kids are making cards to give me, I am happy to be a Teacher and fondly love all their little feelings they share with me. It's a strong bond that even when they grow up, they love me and remember me for who I am and I love all of them too.

- click to visit Dr. Radhakrishnan Profile For Teachers Teachers who Inspire

- ilaxi patel
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Krishna - Janmashtmi festival

September 2, 2010 is being celebrated as Janmashtmi - the day Lord Krishna is said to be born. Krishna has ever been the perfect ‘Avatar’ whose influence on human lives far exceeds that of any other God incarnate. Krishna is depicted as Govinda, who is the prime cause of all causes, the embodiment of wisdom and selfless action as well as a human liberal and practical philosopher with foresight. Three great works enumerate Krishna’s Teachings : Bhagwad Gita, Anugita and Udhavagita. Bhagwad Gita, like Bible or Koran, for Hindus, is the sacred Book depicting ‘Mahabharata’. The advice Krishna renders to disheartened Arjuna at Kurukshetra, immortalized the Bhagwad Gita, greatly influenced philosophers and continues to inspire millions of people worldwide.

As you find the Krishna Pages here, it is the simple Bhagwad Gita message that entails the comprehension of five basic truths. First, science of god is explained and than the position of living entities, jivas. The living entity is controlled by the controller 'God head krsna' and the material nature 'prakriti' and time, the duration of existence of the whole universe and karma 'activity' are discussed. Finally, its god's wish and he makes or breaks the world! Bhagvad gita is written with 18 chapters - the conversation of krsna with Arjun ( Find the review of Bhagwad Gita here and few shlokes)

More Culture and Festivals here on Kidsfreesouls.

Happy Janmashtmi.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When there is Peace, Miracles Happen!

Born on 26th August - the day being celebrated as her Birthday when she was baptised (August 27, 1910), Mother Teresa has been an apostle of peace. Mother Teresa is known to the world for her love, compassion and sacrifice. Angel of Mercy and Mother T were just some of the titles used to describe her. She devoted her life for the poor, destitute and the dying. A noble Laureate, who authored a personal saga of love and compassion that touched millions of live around the world. She rendered her services to the poorest of the poor and her love for them was divine. Through their network of services, Mother Teresa and her missionary sisters brought succor to the ill fated humans suffering from diseases. Millions were helped, consoled, given a decent life or helped to die with dignity in God’s love. She was the greatest philanthropist of the Century, a person with boundless energy even in her old age.

On August 26, 2010 to mark her birth centenary, the Railways will introduce a new train "Mother Express" named after Mother Teresa. Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee said, "We have decided to launch the new train after Mother Teresa as a tribute to her on occasion of her birth centenary" She further added that the coaches of the train would be painted in blue, the trademark border of the habit worn by the order she founded. The route of the train would be announced later, but it would touch important destinations in the country.

Mother Teresa quoted,

"The fruit of silence is Prayer,
Fruit of Prayer is Faith,
Fruit of faith is Love,
Fruit of Love is Service,
Fruit of service is Peace
– Mother Teresa

And truly, I would say, And, When there is Peace, Miracles Happen!

Visit Mother Teresa Profile on

- ilaxi patel
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Friday, August 20, 2010

Inspiring soul

Born on 20th August, Rajiv Gandhi - The name is memorable! The soul is immortal! I have always admired the leader and he has been an Inspiration to the Youth. He was known as 'Mr. Clean' and I think the only person different from his whole family. He had no interest in Politics and became a commercial airplane Pilot. However, this was not to happen and he later became the PM of our country.

Destiny - not dreams and he got to be what he did not wish to be! However, it is amazing to see how he brought a shift to reforms in education, power and electricity, population control, youth power and many other social reforms.

You can find Rajiv Gandhi's Profile in Literature pages on Kidsfreesouls.

- ilaxi

Monday, August 16, 2010

Green Office - Green Understanding

Concerns and they're many! India can be called a Can-do Nation but when it comes to concerns, unity of people power can say, 'Can do' to fight the concerns. Children are not left behind in this mission to tackle concerns as they are involved in all sorts of Projects - Save Environment, Say No to Drugs, a lot more. However, when children are guided for better environment and loaded with projects, it often happens that Parents and Teachers do forget in process that they too, require to follow the rules.

Our daily use power, water, electricity and so on, is endless. Our office and home is fully equipped with all comforts. And, here is when we need to focus on 'Green' - Green Homes, Green Office. This is so easy to say but here's a question that draws our attention for a Green Office, a work area and we can follow the tips therein and even help our children with better understanding as they are the future.

Earth Talk Question and Answer in Environment Column on Kidsfreesouls:

What are some simple things I could do to green the office I work in?- James Raskin, Framingham, MA

“The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year. One no-brainer way to green up one's office is to refrain from printing when you can, use both sides of a sheet, and recycle so that the recycling industry will have raw material.”

I always thought cotton was eco-friendly, but I recently heard otherwise. What’s so bad about cotton? And where can I find organic cotton clothing? -- Jamie Hunter, Twin Falls, ID

“The Organic Trade Association (OTA) considers cotton “the world’s dirtiest crop” due to its heavy use of chemical insecticides and fertilizers. Fortunately, there are now thousands of organic cotton retailers, including some of the big box stores. The OTA’s Organic Pages Online lists vendors (and links to their websites) by product type.
- Read more in English and Spanish.

- ilaxi patel
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Independence Day - 15th August

India, the Land of Legends (Free), proudly stand independent and as we commemorate the nation on its 64th Anniversary of Independence on 15th August, Kids Free Souls salutes all those immortal souls for their gallant undying contribution for the cause of the freedom.

Visit Kidsfreesouls India Page and download the tune of Jana Gana Mana - the National Anthem of India.

Also Watch Live webcast of The 64th Independence Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony, 15th August- 9:00 Am in Gujarat. The celebrations will be graced by the presence of Her Excellency the Governor of Gujarat Dr Shrimati Kamla & Hon'ble CM of Gujarat Shri Narendra Modi.

Click Here to Watch Live Webcast

- ilaxi patel

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Simple tips on how to memorize and recite a poetry - Remembering Tennyson

Charge of the Light Brigade - Cannon to the Right of them, Cannon to the Left of them, Cannon in front of them, Volley'd and thunder'd; ....I still remember this poem which we had to memorize in the classroom and as we teach our kids Literature, it is very important to explain about the poet and in which context the poetry was written. Another thing important is teaching children how to recite the poem. We almost find children saying poetry or a story with no expressions and in a hurried style with mugged up learning. It is important to know the meaning of the poem and recite in a way which becomes interesting to the listener. When a child have to recite a poem, it may so happen that he may skip off words or a line and when prompted, he continues reciting. Reciting poetry is much more than memorizing. Reading aloud confusedly mars the experience of the listener but well said poetry can carry a good emotional rapport.

When I teach poetry in the class, it is more than memorizing. Expressions have a way in recitation. So do the child learn the poetry in a manner that prompts with rhyme patterns and meter that make it easy to flash memory.

Here are some simple tips on how to memorize and recite a poetry. You can help the child with slow and gradual progress which even makes them learn and recite poetry from school syllabus. It even becomes an interesting learning and teaching experience as well.

1. Understanding the poetry: When children are taught poetry, first explain the poetry. Talk about the Author and when or why he wrote the poetry. A brief biography of the poet will make interesting poetry session before they memorize the poem.

2. Natural Tone : Maintain the voice tone. Ignore punctuation or breaks and pauses. Recite quite normally in a natural voice with no excitement or pitched up voice throughout recitation. However, to be expressive, vary pitch and volume though in a natural tone instead of being hyper.

3. Focus on Phonetics: A read aloud Poetry can be interesting with focused phonetics. Check those 'vowels and consonants that can be spoken with clarity of voice. Using right language leave impressions and makes the child feel better to hear his own clear, well pronounced voice.

4. Be Expressive : Most of the time, children are not expressive when reciting poetry and they speak aloud the mugged learning. It so happens, they fail to remember and when prompted, they can finish the stanza. It also turn them up being embarrassed when reciting in front of an audience and they forget in-between the lines. Facial expressions and hand movements understanding the poetry lines can help children to present the recital in an interesting and confident manner. Gesture is to be maintained for effect.

5. Write and re-write revision: Children can write and re-write the poetry 2/3 times in their scrap with supportive drawing and coloring. Let them identify the parts they find difficult to remember. Help them visualize the poetry and what it is about. Help them plan where to pause and stop with smooth flow to continue. Avoid sing-song tactics.

6. Easy Recitation : For easy reciting on the stage, slow down. Speaking aloud faster tends to make the child forget as they easily get distracted at times. Slowing down helps them gain confidence and be less nervous. Even the audience will love to enjoy listening.

7. Rote learning : Some children love to learn repetition. Go back to the rote learning nursery rhymes and have fun for a while. Even sing along rote songs like 'In a cottage, In a wood', skipping every one line while they enjoy action. Rote learning and visualizing helps faster learning and memorizing.

8. Posture and Dressing: A well dressed child is always confident. And, the posture comes with confidence. Help the children to possess good posture and dressing while they are ready to perform. A well presented child on stage leaves impressive image to the audience.

9. Eye Contact: The most important part while reciting on stage is eye contact. Some children look down while saying the poetry. Some tend to look here and there and than get lost in imagination or get distracted. This leads to nervousness and forgetful. While recitation is on, the eye contact should be beyond the audience and even turning towards sides towards the audience as if to capture all of the listeners.

10. Never get embarrassed: Children often tend to make mistakes. Never get embarrassed and pass on your vibrations to them. Patience is always a key to success. Never tell the child to say, "I'm sorry' as apologizing messes up and they lose interest in poetry and memorizing becomes a pain for them.

How often we run away from the things we don't like yet have to do? When I learnt Tennyson's poetry, I still remember those lines "Cannon to the Left of them, Cannon in front of them, Volley'd and thunder'd; ...." and smooth went on reciting the poetry and having fun too.

Well, 6th August was a day to remember Alfred Lord Tennyson and interestingly, he was known as Lord because of the Peerage titles I guess just like Lord Byron. Follow the Songs section for rote song and find Poetry pages here.

Btw, you can find the August Calendar and Projects here. Share Knowledge, pass on wisdom.

- ilaxi patel

Friday, August 06, 2010

Grammar Fun - Stories with Grammar for kids

Grammar Fun and Printable Worksheet Zone is exclusively 'Free' for prints on Kidsfreesouls. Teachers can circulate copies in classrooms and help kids with Projects and Parents can set up an hour - once a week, take prints and help children to enjoy doing the worksheets. Give them stars and even make a file for records.

Btw, I have added 'Stories with Grammar' - the worksheets are exclusive content I wrote while I conducted 'Stories with Grammar' Swagat class during summer. Seven stories and continuing to add more, these worksheets are for primary children who can build a strong base of Grammar while they have fun doing the stories. All parts of speech - Nouns, Verbs, Adverbs, Adjectives, Pronouns, prepositions, conjuctions....and more of the basics are being covered up in these simple stories and worksheets.

Supportive to reading, children can follow the Fairyland stories and I am sure, this will be fun for children. Enjoy.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spread Peace - Friendship Day

Friendship is the intensity of the love that leaves behind trails of sweet memories to cherish the core of life giving a whole new meaning to it. The enigma of friendship strengthens with the bonds of relationships so unique which is unselfish, intimate, pure and beautiful. Learning to appreciate, speak out on issues, Listening, confide and sharing secrets, meeting of wavelengths and such deeper corners are focused for a caring friendly relationship with the people you love most.
Whenever it's a Friendship Day, Kidsfreesouls wishes all readers Happy Friendship day with a simple message to spread love, faith, peace and unity among human beings.

Follow Friendship Day on Kidsfreesouls

- ilaxi patel
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet Kidsfreesouls Kids Reporters and Bloggers

Meet Kidsfreesouls Reporters - Bloggers who make their way on web to spread their wings to fly and reach the skies. Kids Blogs are presented on Kidsfreesouls by Swagat Children Library class students - some old and some new students. Blogging is not everybody's cup of tea but a result of hard work at the Library while they learn how to Report News, conduct Interviews, Write their fav jokes, Riddles and book Reviews. They even provide their favorite quotes and whatever they find interesting and inspiring to others.

The recent Blogger is Tulsa Ved. Amazingly, she has picked up Blogging in a span of six months and inspite of being in Gujarati Medium, I am happy to note that she can break boundaries to reach her goals. You can find her Blog here and stay tuned as she blogs Interviews and more interestingly, her Inspirational stories that could stir souls with her delicious soup stories.

Also find, Shril's Blog who is more fond of reading and presents his reviews. Most of the time, he is found with his head deep buried in books and comics. He has sure shot ideas on How to Make Newspaper and is found to provide good tips and suggestions to a noted Weekly Children Newspaper 'Knowledge Path'.

A shift in technology, Blogging has become a revolution but at Swagat, Blogging is more informative learning too. To Blog, kids need to read. To blog, they need to write and type too - They get the exposure to technology. Develop communication and writing skills. They even Learn to type faster using the right fingers and enhance vocabulary and spelling skills. Children learn the privacy and social networking skills and above all learn 'Courtesy and responsibility' as they use technology.

Finally, Parents learn in the process too and who better can be their teachers than kids who can explain to them what Blogging is about! Esp. to those parents or teachers who are not exposed much to technology.

Enjoy Kidsfreesouls.

- ilaxi patel
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mobile Bullying and kids

Bullying has just become of the most underrated but enduring problems today. Kids & Teenagers use the mobiles and the net and because there's the whole world of fun using these gadgets. It's the need of the hour to stop the Bully Panic. Especially Mobile Bully. I have mentioned of Bullying (an article from my book 'Guardian of Angels) and even blogged about Mobile Manners.

However, the issue surfaces concerns once again as a recent study by the Pew Internet Research Center states that 72% of cellphone owners ages 12 to 17 are texters while only 18% of cellphone owners ages 40 to 49 are texters. Moreover, for tweens and teens, cellphones are the perfect tool for being constantly connected to the friends and others. As a result, texting use has drastically increased. It is noted by Nielsen Mobile that three years ago a teen sent and received an average of 435 texts per month. As of late 2009 that total jumped to 3,186 texts. Social networking has made it easier for exchange of phone numbers and predators who seek close contacts with kids have found their prey. Cyberbullying, psychological harassment in text or instant messaging, is more often perpetrated by girls, who initiate inappropriate messages or spread damaging gossip. The Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 39 percent of cell users ages 18-29 say they are not always truthful about where they are when they are on the phone. Many parents find it shocking when the bill knocks the door due to texting (text, picture and video messaging), special ring tones, downloading games and even chatting for long hours. An alarming case is reported at Forbes - A 15 year old boy communicating to a 30 year old woman whom he met while playing multi game of World of War Craft.

Cell phones have become a serious cause for lack of concentration, distraction, anxiety, fear and misuse among many school going children. Moreover, the common features of cameras, ipod music, games and video are temptations for use and misuse. The silent mode has easy texting anywhere. Mobile manners are almost being missed out by not only children who use it but also parents and teachers who fail to keep a check on their attitude and courtesy mannerisms. Fiddling with the mobile, texting or playing games is often a sign of bad manners when you are with others - socialising, in a meeting or with a guest. Kids who are often tempted with their parent's mobile, are found to be bad mannered. Many teenagers opt for talking or texting even in front of guests which embarrass the parents.

Though schools like CBSE and other schools are opting for ban of using mobiles when in school campus, it is the need of the hour to safeguard children from Mobile Bullying and even protect them from the Health hazards.

An Austria Dr. Eric Huber calls for the potential dangers in kids using mobiles and calls for Mobile companies carrying labels showing Radiation levels. It is recommended, children below 16 years should not use mobiles. Brain tumour could be extreme case with vision problems too. However, this would not stop children from using nor will the parents want the children to be away from the latest technology and gadgets that surround our world. As Dr. Michael Rich, Director of the Center on Media and Child Health at Harvard University believes, We have basically let kids be in an environment where they have free rein but don't have the brain development to manage that in ways that are safe and healthy.

The child should know, it's a use of mobile phone only in time of special/urgent needs only. Best is no mobile till the age of 16 and don't let them get attracted for the fancy picks. All things come for a value. Children need to understand this and not keep changing the gadgets that keep freaking in the market.

Some things children using mobiles should know:

1. Protect the mobile numbers. The child should not give the number to everyone. Do not let others see the number too.
2. The child should not respond to unwanted SMS or call back to strangers who sms or ring up.
3. The child should not give any information to any caller unless he/she knows the person well.
4. Set rules and responsibilities. Don't let your call go unanswerable from the child.
5. Strictly make the children turn off their phones at night when they are in their rooms.
6. Teach them value for money. Provide the mobile that best utility for them keeping in mind the cost factor. Do not pamper them and allow them to frequently change their gadgets too.
7. Why Cell Phone - Explain the use and why they are equipped with such gadgets.

Give kids their free reins but Limit the use of the Gadget. Teach them to use and make them understand the right and the wrong. There's no denying that we live in a dangerous world and that children are overwhelmingly important. A day when our mobiles go off even for a while, we are used to adjust but the next generation is out with the newer technology and its safety more a concern for them right now. Protect kids from the dangers using mobiles.

-More on Bullying.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Project - Rupee

Most of the people are now aware of the Indian Rupee symbol and even how to use the fonts on computers. However, to brief mention with Font download on Kidsfreesouls, find the same in Kids news section of Kidsfreesouls.

On News Page:

Indian Rupee gets new Symbol - The creation of the rupee sign began with an Indian government announcement on March 5, 2009, that a contest would be held to choose a symbol for the rupee. About 3,000 designs were submitted and those were short listed to five selected ones. The cabinet picked the symbol you see above, designed by D. Udaya Kumar, a 32-year-old graphic design and typographer who had just completed his PhD on Tamil typography at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) in Mumbai and is now at IIT Guwahati. The symbol is an amalgam of the Devanagari "Ra" and the Roman capital "R" without the descending stem. The two cross strikes at the top of the symbol reference the Indian flag. The creator D. Udaya Kumar is rewarded ` 2.5 Lac.

As the keyboards are yet to be equipped with the font, a substitute option is already created by Foradian, a Mangalore based Internet Engineering Company who offers Free Download of the Fonts with easy installation and ready for use on Computers. All you do is go here - Download the new Rupee Symbol from Foradian here and follow the Presentation Help File. You can also Join the Foradian Group on FB and follow instructions here.

For Kidsfreesouls ready help, download the fonts from foradian. Save in your Windows>Fonts. Open and click. Go to your word doc. Choose 'Rupee_Foradian' from Fonts. Select the top left key with symbol ~ and ` - the sign appears. Simple, isn't it?

Btw, I asked my children about the new Rupee symbol. Many of the kids went blank and that triggered a Rupee Project! What that could be? They gave me the ideas and drew the symbol in the Scrap book with the informative piece on rupee symbol innovation. Supportive to this, they are writing 'Autobiography of a Rupee' and gathering the rupee notes to place in their Lucky Piggy Bank. Further, learning on 'How much Pocket money' and 'How to manage the Pocket money'.

If you are a parent or a teacher, I think, Ideas do work wonders. Go ahead and implement the thought and help kids to be aware, be aware while they spend money - Saving is gaining!

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Robot Teachers or robotic teaching?

Recently I read, Honda Motor Co.'s Asimo, the robot teacher called Saya, was introduced to students in South Korea. They took English, Maths, science and Arts classes in the Elementary schools. Saya can express six basic emotions — surprise, fear, disgust, anger, happiness, sadness — because its rubber skin is being pulled from the back with motors and wiring around the eyes and the mouth. And, amazingly, students reacted favorably to the new teacher who seemed to be less sarcastic but more responding and courteous in the class. Saya can call out names, say 'Thank You' and even give orders like 'Be quiet.' Saya's creator Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi said the robot's main purpose was to highlight the joys of technology to children, he also said it would benefit schools suffering from a shortage of human teachers. The South Korean government is investing in millions and aims to have 8000 robot teachers and assistant teachers in classrooms by 2013.

This incarnation of a School teacher gives an insight of the teacher - student relationship today which has made this new age teacher an option to be considered as the fun part of learning and understanding technology that replace human efforts. However, I really can't figure out how can a robot handle a class of 40-60 or even 20 students? The Robots are programmed and have no thinking of their own! How could there be discipline in the classroom or interaction thereby for the lessons mechanically taught?

Children love the tender loving care, a human touch and a smile that makes their day. Teachers not only teach but also act as mentors who motivates and encourages children in various aspects as they help them gain academic excellence. Moreover, Robots are programmed and no further can they continue to provide fun and learn to children if they keep on focused on same lessons and same songs with no updates. Robots can be supportive to teachers but not substitute.

Even Teachers who teach like a Robot mechanically with the same old style of imparting education find less responsive students. Creative innovations to make lessons interesting is their efficiency plus in boosting their own teaching techniques. Character building of the students is enhanced as mere seeing and listening is not the factor but even understanding the Instructions is important. Knowledge involves human interaction. Thought Robots in classrooms can be fun and supportive to teaching, I think, more emphasis rely on interactions - communication and interpersonal relationship bonding the teacher and the student as they experience the joys of teaching and learning together.

It is most important for a parent or a teacher to provide opportunities for Development Schedules. Development schedules are just the tools to assist parents in determining the child’s development, learning the little things in life to take big steps to climb ahead. Some children are slow branded whereas some are fast learners. Children possess different skills as per their development schedules. Programmed Robots need better programming to enhance child's development schedule and this would not be possible unless Teachers follow the program patterns based on individual student.

Even Parents need child assessment with the development schedules as it plays a major role as their IQ, EQ and SQ (Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient, Spiritual Quotient) which becomes measured expression of child's abilities.

Some tips for Development schedules Teachers/parents can follow are:

Creative skills : Children love creativity. Make lessons interesting with Projects in classrooms. Support colors and sing along sessions while they attend Projects, paper cutting, sticker pasting in Scrap book is often fun for them. Let them draw, color or watch a cartoon online and let them jot down their noting. Anything creative is fun and learn.

Cognitive skills : Children gain cognitive skills or say, reasoning with own mind as they in the middle years of their development stage, they have the capacity to distinguish what is right and wrong. They can reason others point of view, play games as per the rules and master their minds with subjects they like the most.

Communication skills : Speech comes with thought process. Conduct chatting sessions, verbal compositions, debate or ask questions and just questions to get back replies. Follow the language they are learning and not the mother tongue as often children speak their home language and can express better.

Linguistic skills : Develop love for language. Anything to do with vocabulary and words. Scrabble games, word search, cross words and even Vocabulary Projects are found interesting by children and they love to pursue these activities.

Logical Thinking : Kids at a tender age love to count and are good at math. They have an understanding of logical or numerical patterns and sequence of reasoning. These kids tend to adapt to activities related to science, puzzles, exploring and all that has logical reasoning.

Spatial Intelligence : Remembering roads, reading maps or knowing charts and reading graphs. All that requires to level up their intelligence.

Empathy skills : Understanding other children in classroom, cooperate, share and avoiding conflicts with peace power. It's like 'walk in someone's shoes' or 'see through their eyes.'

Self Learning/understanding : Children love to lean on a shoulder. Encourage them to self learn by providing necessary guidelines and allow them to use their own brains. Mugging champions often fail to perform when they need to understand on their own.

Children can grow and flower to progress in a free atmosphere. Harmony in classroom and love for nature are also major factors that contribute favorably.

Technology has its own charming ways but Teacher follow up creates great genius!

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for kids

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Sports Spirit - honing skills

Recently, I come across my ex-students who have been young children when they came to the Library, tip-toeing with hopes of making their own identity someday. Today, I see them pursuing their goals that gives me immense pleasure to recognize their abilities and capabilities that turn them to be successful in their chosen field.

Sometimes, as teachers, we underestimate our children and are quite skeptical as to their future looking to their childhood academic progress. How wrong we could be! We all know, some kids are sharper and some weaker in certain areas, some children are fast learners and some slow - all where academic skills are concerned. However, when creativity gives a way, some children turn to be the best in the exclusive skills they possess and it is sure to admit 'Practice makes a man perfect' - be it arts of sports or even academic area like writing a poetry or maybe literature savvy. This gives a special mention of a child who was no good in academic, needed a push for good handwriting and needed special attention for reading and grammar skills. Speech skills was almost missing as he was more used to his mother tongue. As years rolled by, Teacher-Parental role played their part and I was much happy to see tremendous change in him at the Library. More happier now, because he's the one who makes me proud as he honed his Sports Skills. His love for Sports makes me feel on 'Cloud Nine' as he has turned to be the Best Skater and won laurels skating his way to glory. While talking to him, he revealed his daily routine which gave me an idea of his determination towards the sport. Fitness is a way of life as he begins his day early in the morning, cycling and gym exercise followed by routine skating practices of minimum 2 to 3 hours. Sometimes, he wins and even loses to competitors but its a sports spirit and game all the way he loves to play.

Well, I would like to share a counselling question once a parent asked me by email : "My 7 year old just participated his school's field day and didn't fare too well - but he sure tried. Hence, he went and kicked the school building and threw away his participating ribbons and moped around for the rest of the day. How do I sympathetically but firmly approach this?"

The answer is as below and I am sure, might help many parents and teachers to help children face defeat in a positive manner:

Competitions do not mean winning or standing first or in order. It gives opportunity to experience and find way out from losing to winning edge. Let the kid learn from experience so as not to let this frustration flick back again. ‘Everyone likes to win but most of, its good you are enjoying and having fun’ should be the attitude that keeps the child hooked to the Sport. Participating in the School field day itself helps to build confidence but if luck do not favor or for some reason, the child fails, his willingness to accept defeat is on back seat. Why me? Why I lost? And this frustration plays the role of your child's mental process. Feelings of hopelessness and guilt has taken roots within his brain cells and he seems to be hurt to extent that makes him fling things, be destructive, have a sense of withdrawal from people and hve unreasonable fears or phobias that he is a failure and cannot accept defeat under any circumstances.

In such situations, I feel that a parental / teacher's attitude towards the child can pull him out of his hurt feelings and face defeat in a positive manner:

-Parental calm and positive influence play a major role. Kids need to be treated with respect and love, with no ridiculing, sarcastic remarks or let downs. Expectations may be towards winning way but sports should be ‘sharp one’ Attitude with lots of entertainment and humor. Show him the love and say soothing words "Yeah, sure you tried your best but anyways, there's always another chance. All cannot win, after all"

-Talking Therapy works wonders. Divert the mind from game play and indulge in interesting talks or stories. The child memory is too short lived and his resentment can be turned into a lively kid by talking to him about all he likes and is interested in.

- Check the mood blues by adding in creativity. The inflated self esteem needs to be worn back again. The higher children's self esteem, the better able they are to cope with the ups and downs of life. The more self esteem the child develops, the more secure they are in confronting obstacles, fears and defeats. Kids with low self esteem see problems as grounds for quitting and often say "I quit or I give up" and flair. Instead of comparing their achievements with their own goals and potential, they compare themselves with others and get frustrated.

- Let the kid develop sense of being optimistic. There is always another day to win instead of feeling 'I Lost' Give your own example and recollect your own childhood days. Narrate a few of your ups n downs, twists n turns and talk to the kid, how you faced odd situations and embarrassments.

-Failure is never final, success is never ending - Build Sports spirit in the child and teach him the first steps to face challenges in life. Defeat is only a challenge. Talk to the kid to build a positive sense of identity. Who I am? Why I failed? Is my attitude okay? And the realization comes through when the child is helped to understand own self, own weak points. He should be disciplined to know and act what is right - what is wrong behavior. This self realization makes the kid a well balanced mind and disciplined in his behavior during times of his frustration.

-Make the child more tolerant. The kids who learn to cope with bad times and its this time when values of tolerance is more necessary for them to divert their minds to shrug off the hatred from the heart. An emotional trauma needs much more care than a broken bone. Talk to the kid with love and care. Treat him nice instead of being angry or saying harsh words. Words break the heart more, so let not the parental anxiety/anxiousness add fuel to fire and keep the cool, calm n composed self to turn the situation normal. Time heals.

Some kids tend to be aggressive and always be the winner. It is during these times Sports Spirits instill the faith, courage, loyalty, tolerance, brotherhood, all natural virtues which prepare to support in difficult situations without weaknesses. Anger, frustration, self pity, all the so called negative emotions generally have a bad effect on performances, after all.

( Suggested Reading : Honing skills - Whiff of sports-An article from my book 'Guardian of Angels)

I guess, we all need to keep the Sports Spirit live even when we see our favorite Soccer team winning or losing the game! And, cross the fingers, I hope Germany to win and may score 3-1 over Spain in the semi finals Soccer today as they have been the most impressive team in South Africa.

- ilaxi patel

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Cartoons in classrooms

Ever though of teaching Cartoons in Classrooms? Especially in an Indian environment where children hardly would be interested in Political cartoons. So, what about learning on Educational Cartoons? Or just about using cartoons to analyze critical thinking activities and know about current affairs. As I hear, Digital Whiteboards are paving its way in classrooms, it is far way thought to introduce activities that power the brain and flow juices of educational creativity to enhance learning abilities.

Teachers and parents tend to ignore Cartoons while reading print newspapers and hardly encourage children to read the cartoon captions. I have held a class on 'Cartoon Learning' and got an amazing response with the 'Cartoon Project.' I have used the Cartoons as Critical thinking skill as well as a creative writing skills. I copy the cartoons to the power point slides and students visualize and discuss on the same. This focus on awareness, knowing the current happening topics and even act as Discussion starters and writing prompts.

Follow these tips while showing the cartoons:
1. What is the purpose?
2. What message it try to convey?
3. Debate on the topic
4. Paste cartoon clips in their scrap
5. Let them jot down the notings
6. Let the children communicate their ideas through art
7. Find opinions and reactions

As primary school children are not easy with political cartoons, I have tried using Educational cartoons, humor and focused on their favorite comic characters. One being Popeye and the other Archie, Betty, Jug head and Veronica. Children have fun reading the comic books and love to create their own cartoon clip writing their own creative message. Themes like 'Go Green' (Popeye and the sea) and 'No junk food' (Jug head eating junk) with their own remarks as they paste the characters in their 'Scrap books or call it, Spark Spiral Note books.' Kids love to use the word balloons in various shapes and even use stickers in case they are not good in drawing or in the mood to do so. Giving a free hand in learning is sometimes a blessing as we get willingness to participate and the results are even better.

Btw, the only one Political Cartoon that kids loved in my classroom was on the CM Narendra Modi as they've been great fan of this leader. They were keen to observe the message of the Cartoonist on him! In Political Cartoons, children need to be interested and even know the characters. And for this, it is first important to Teach kids about Politics and elections !

Well, explore the Literature Cartoons esp. Shakespeare characters here on Harp Week. It provides a revealing glimpse into the nineteenth-century world of Thomas Nast and Harper’s Weekly, and the influence that William Shakespeare had on it.

Also explore Popeye Cartoon Video and find the Lyrics - You can use this for classroom activity for Cartoon Project. Also find Dan Rosandich's Educational Cartoon and come back again to find a new one for a change. Stay tuned to Cartoon Kids Resources for more and follow other Resources page too.

- ilaxi patel
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Soul Curry for Kids : Kidsfreesouls in Simply Gujarati, India Today

Soul Curry for Kids : An online Portal for children that even includes information on Poetry-Did you know about this Worldwide Hit? says Jhumri Nigam Misra in Simply Gujarati, India Today (Issue on stands - 28th June, 2010) As she further adds, "Call her the Pied Piper with a modern twist" - It sure gives a feeling of joy to continue my journey at Swagat Children Library and at Kidsfreesouls - spreading the message of love, faith, peace and unity among human beings.

Being an explorer on web, life is and endless journey with 'No Stop' Destination. Presenting Kidsfreesouls and running a successful Children's Library, life becomes a full circle and sometimes blowing own trumpet do give a sense of pride! Enjoy my Press Pages here and of course, being an Editor for an online newspaper and Official Blogger and VA to the Editor of The Sunday Guardian, stay tuned to my world of Journalism.

- ilaxi patel
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Monday, June 21, 2010

World Music Day - Songs for children & Music Reviews

World Music Day - 21st June
This is my Synthesizer - the Yamaha Keyboards I love to play!

Music is speech of angels, a universal language of mankind. In music, one must think with the heart and feel with the brain and so, after every silence that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music! That’s when you dream and your every dream precedes the goal! Its like dancing away your blues to reach high for stars that lie hidden in your soul and this is when the heart and mind perform in harmony after all!

-Click for Songs for children Music Reviews

- ilaxi patel
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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Making connections

Schools begin and children are back to routines. Back to school is a celebration time for children as the long summer creativity calls in for a routine change and kids love to be with their school friends. Some old, some new but nevertheless, learning lessons and having fun too.

It is important for a parent to build a bridge of communication with the teacher as most of the hours, the teacher helps the child to learn and grow. The child needs not only the love and affection from parents and teachers but also need to set their goals and fulfill them.

One thing really important for a child is Making connections. Children do make friends on their own but yet, a parental guiding help can add to his positive friendship :

1. Help the child to be friendly. Simply listening or talking, sharing and appreciating the other and even sharing alikeness - for a video game or a even an activity in class.
2. Help the child to compete - In the sense, master the skills the others have and admire. Be it playing a keyboard or guitar, playing sports or arts.
3. Avoid being negative and impulsive. Listen to the child on what he has to say of his friends rather than stop him and showing your distaste of his friend. He may strong feel of his friend that you don't, maybe.
4. Help the child to solve conflicts. Social skills are necessary as they can learn to settle themselves at times of disputes with others.
5. Don't involve in small arguments of children. If they go physical, take your stand. Let the kids work out on their own.
6. Let the kids practice co-operation and understand feelings of others.
7. Help the kids to share, care and be kind and gentle with friends.
8. Know your child's friends. Invite them for play, birthday celebration

As for the teachers, it's the first few days to be like the acronym, "KISS" - Keep it Simple Stupid! Teachers can adopt innovative ideas at the start of the school and make learning fun. Encourage reading habits on daily basis in the classroom and even at home. Even follow up with a para handwriting practice everyday. This will help weaker children to learn faster. Above all, routinely writing book reviews per week and making journals. Encourage them to write simple jot downs and you can make Kids Blogs with Google sites - a sure fire-way to lift up the spirit of the children.

Teachers can write 'welcome letters to children' and invite parents to describe their child by simply letting them jot down on 'Child Development Review' - some points to fill as below:

1. Describe your child
2. What are your child's strengths
3. What are his hobbies - What he has been doing lately?
4. Does your child have any special problem or disability? Mention.
5. What concerns you have about your child?
6. What other activities does he attend apart from school?
7. Mention what improvement you require in your child.

This will give an insight to know the child, about their learning abilities and methods to adopt while dealing with children. Some kids are fast learners whereas some are branded as slow snail learners. What is required is to identify their weaker areas and diagnose their learning disabilities to apply strategies to combat difficulties.

More, it's to be friendly with kids. Keep the communication live and keep the perfect 'Discipline' in own self as well as the Class.

- ilaxi patel
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Theme a Party

Theme Parties are Fun! The most memorable Birthday Theme Party I ever organized was my son's first birthday. And later, the Swagat Dance Parties rocked with themes - costume to music and game dancing. Theme Parties are guaranteed to set balls rolling to entertain whether it's birthday or any occassion......

- Read more in Theme Parties - Presenting Chris Molnar of Themeparty on kidsfreesouls

- ilaxi
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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Back to School : Create a Genius in your child

Back to School for kids. Time to 'Create a Genius' (From Guardian of Angels) in your Child. Children are with mixed feelings of excitement and leaving behind the creative activities with the bygone summer. New introductions with new teachers and new friends. New Prefects and class monitors or call them Student Teachers and all works great with a wee bit of anxiety at the start of the school routines. What is more important is to set goals, Check the hand writing from the beginning and overcome the homework hassles. Reading routine is another important aspect of student life because if a child has cultivated a reading habit, lessons are no boring sessions.

Check out BACK TO SCHOOL pages on Kidsfreesouls and follow rules of success to make best days of school life.

- ilaxi patel
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