Monday, August 16, 2010

Green Office - Green Understanding

Concerns and they're many! India can be called a Can-do Nation but when it comes to concerns, unity of people power can say, 'Can do' to fight the concerns. Children are not left behind in this mission to tackle concerns as they are involved in all sorts of Projects - Save Environment, Say No to Drugs, a lot more. However, when children are guided for better environment and loaded with projects, it often happens that Parents and Teachers do forget in process that they too, require to follow the rules.

Our daily use power, water, electricity and so on, is endless. Our office and home is fully equipped with all comforts. And, here is when we need to focus on 'Green' - Green Homes, Green Office. This is so easy to say but here's a question that draws our attention for a Green Office, a work area and we can follow the tips therein and even help our children with better understanding as they are the future.

Earth Talk Question and Answer in Environment Column on Kidsfreesouls:

What are some simple things I could do to green the office I work in?- James Raskin, Framingham, MA

“The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year. One no-brainer way to green up one's office is to refrain from printing when you can, use both sides of a sheet, and recycle so that the recycling industry will have raw material.”

I always thought cotton was eco-friendly, but I recently heard otherwise. What’s so bad about cotton? And where can I find organic cotton clothing? -- Jamie Hunter, Twin Falls, ID

“The Organic Trade Association (OTA) considers cotton “the world’s dirtiest crop” due to its heavy use of chemical insecticides and fertilizers. Fortunately, there are now thousands of organic cotton retailers, including some of the big box stores. The OTA’s Organic Pages Online lists vendors (and links to their websites) by product type.
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