Wednesday, August 25, 2010

When there is Peace, Miracles Happen!

Born on 26th August - the day being celebrated as her Birthday when she was baptised (August 27, 1910), Mother Teresa has been an apostle of peace. Mother Teresa is known to the world for her love, compassion and sacrifice. Angel of Mercy and Mother T were just some of the titles used to describe her. She devoted her life for the poor, destitute and the dying. A noble Laureate, who authored a personal saga of love and compassion that touched millions of live around the world. She rendered her services to the poorest of the poor and her love for them was divine. Through their network of services, Mother Teresa and her missionary sisters brought succor to the ill fated humans suffering from diseases. Millions were helped, consoled, given a decent life or helped to die with dignity in God’s love. She was the greatest philanthropist of the Century, a person with boundless energy even in her old age.

On August 26, 2010 to mark her birth centenary, the Railways will introduce a new train "Mother Express" named after Mother Teresa. Railway Minister Mamata Banerjee said, "We have decided to launch the new train after Mother Teresa as a tribute to her on occasion of her birth centenary" She further added that the coaches of the train would be painted in blue, the trademark border of the habit worn by the order she founded. The route of the train would be announced later, but it would touch important destinations in the country.

Mother Teresa quoted,

"The fruit of silence is Prayer,
Fruit of Prayer is Faith,
Fruit of faith is Love,
Fruit of Love is Service,
Fruit of service is Peace
– Mother Teresa

And truly, I would say, And, When there is Peace, Miracles Happen!

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