Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Back to school series: Tips on Handwriting

Handwritten notes may soon be a thing of the past - And, it is so true that we are increasingly using tech gadgets to convey our messages. The research commissioned by online stationer Doc mail reveals that the average time since an adult last wrote by hand was 41 days. It also found that one in three of us has not had cause to write anything 'properly' for more than six months. 2000 respondents said, it's only scribbling on paper for some reason but mostly handwritten notes are faded trends. 50% in the online poll admitted that their handwriting had noticeably declined, with one in seven declaring they were 'ashamed' of their written word.

Well, most of the Parents who come to me often complain about their kid's handwriting. Started with scribbles and crayons, kids find pens, pencils and sketch pens to write cursive with the simple alphabet writing. Some love to write and some hate it. Teachers and moms often label their handwriting as 'messy', 'untidy', 'rubbish' and lower the self esteem of the child. Like 'Practice makes a man perfect', a little bit of encouragement and careful follow up can help a child to try to write better. First and foremost, the hold of the pencil needs to be right.  Correct way of holding the pen or pencil is resting to thumb, index and middle fingers. I find many kids holding the pencil wrong way and this is the habit they form later which is difficult to change the habit. Secondly, it is writing on the lines. Using a four lines or two lines book is ideal but with guidance to write between the two lines and in forward flow of writing in a slow pace. Once, the handwriting is formed, speed comes gradually. Another step is to take care that the child do not shoot force on pencil gripping the pencil tight and frequently breaking the pencil points. The cursive flow needs to be soft and flowing.

Quite often I find children writing messy but with a little help, in a couple of sessions, they love to write cursive writing and realize the difference themselves. Once they learn to write properly, they love writing and ask for more handwriting material in the classroom.

Well, Back to School series and here's on Handwriting and You. Indeed, handwriting needs a practice and with the tech age, writing is almost out like Reading is on back seat! White Boards in class will further make difference and with more kids hooked to computers and television, it is worth a thought to focus on kid's handwriting at the start. Whatever the use of computers and mobiles, kids have to read and write and not be dependent on keys and keyboards - so, better early that getting too late to realize the mistakes.

- ilaxi patel
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Friday, June 15, 2012

My Daddy is the Best - Happy Father's Day to all Dads round the world...

My Dad is the Bestest ! I overheard kids talking in the my classroom and wonder How much do Dads esp. Indian Dads stand by Moms to help her in bringing up kids gracefully. A helping hand in kitchen may not be into culture habit but quite obvious, today's generation need parental help in day to day chores.

Well, Here's a Certificate to evaluate Father Skills - Just download it, get the Dad fill up the form and have fun.

Also follow My Parents are the bestest article apart from Kidsfreesouls 9 Ways to help Moms in upbringing kids gracefully. And, Sing along for Kids ' My Daddy is the Best ' Lyrics for kids.

Happy Father's Day to all Dad - wherever you are - Just a quote for you "Wherever she is (wife) there is Eden" :-)

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Back to School : 15 rules for success to make best of school days

It’s Back to School for kids again for many Free Souls. It is said "Don’t change with the change but Change before the change" and so, begin well to end well to trail behind the grudges against the educational system. The right way is a regular routine schedule avoiding Homework hassles by saying "I Can" and "I will" instead of relying on shoulders of others for help. Try it your way and you succeed. All a Free soul student needs is to decide and make up his mind to face the challenges ahead. Have fun, enjoy life and follow the simple 15 rules of success to make best of your school days.

Btw, reminds me of the movie 'Back to School' - Considered to be a top hilarious comedy movie of all time, it's fun loving businessman who enters College as a student himself to help his discouraged son dropping out. Rodney Dangerfield is at his best as Thornton Mellon who runs a men's store 'Tall and Fat.' The lines "I like teachers and if you do something wrong, they make you do it again' are memorable.

The role of Sally Kellerman is more subdued than usual playing Diane Turner, the English professor who, in a memorable scene, makes Rodney analyze the meaning of Dylan Thomas' famous poem, "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night." Keith Gordon plays the role of the son.

Well, Back to School and it's remembering Sound of Music too. For now, explore Back to School Pages here and stay get focused with Goals = Dreams to get fulfilled.

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Tuesday, June 05, 2012


Back to School and the excitement begins. Buying new books, stationary, uniform and shoes. Even making new connections, new teacher or maybe new school. As a parent, you are more worried about tuitions, handwriting issues or homework hassles.

However, as a parent, take some time to think 'out of the box' and know how Goal setting is important. Kids require to be 'Goal oriented.' Educate your kid to know the difference between 'wishing' and goal accomplishment. Learning how to set reasonable and attainable goals is a valuable lesson for students of all ages. Let them

undergo an interesting exercise. Help them divide their Wish List and Goal setting on a piece of paper. They can draw and color too. Kids can think of all their wishes - be it buying a video game or going to a restaurant. On the other side, help them to make their Goals - from charting specific steps to achieve goals. Either for classroom performance or sports - help kids to be disciplined and punctual. Make them aware of obstacles for achieving the goal so that they can be well prepared for the show. Time frame is very important and hence, deadlines also need to be set. Get the child set the date limit to finish the English course, then the math or just make a Time-table. It helps prioritize where and how time is allocated, making easy to perform the task. Once there is a deadline, the child is then ready to face the challenge managing time for work and play and thus, accomplish goal within the deadline. If the child is not good in Math, don’t encourage a child to set goal to bring A+ but be cool and relax, he will do fine with that extra time plan and efforts. 

Apart from Academic, parents can help kids to set Goals in Sports, personal goals, financial goals, relationships and on health. Often we find children scared to sleep alone or shabby their room. Setting personal goals will help them be organized. Financial goals will help them to save money to buy their own video game and know the value of money. Relationship goals will help the kids to be friendly with siblings or friends at school. Setting Health goals for kids means by all means control over the junk and the binge habits of overstuffing the food while watching tv and helping their to exercise or play outdoors.

Afterall, Expectations should not be beyond capacity of the child. And every parent or teacher need to know this. Be Practical and help face goal challenges together.

Find more about 'Target Goals - Goal setting Ingredients, goal setting method and goal challenges.

- ilaxi patel
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Monday, June 04, 2012

Helping kids to Make Connections - Back to School

John Watson, the American psychologists and father of Behaviorism sets down in his theory saying ‘Learning is conditioning.' The kid is to be motivated to be a Genius and this is where the ‘Temperament style’ of every kid needs a keen observation from the very start. Create a Genius in your child and you find all the answers to 'How' in this article. (In GOA)

Kids have their own dreams and aspirations. Know the child, support them and let them think creatively. Build a bridge of communication with the teacher as most of the hours, the teacher helps the child to learn and grow.

The child needs not only the love and affection from parents and teachers but also need to set their goals and fulfill them.

One thing really important for a child is Making connections. Children do make friends on their own but yet, a parental guiding help can add to his positive friendship :

1. Help the child to be friendly. Simply listening or talking, sharing and appreciating the other and even sharing alikeness - for a video game or a even an activity in class.
2. Help the child to compete - In the sense, master the skills the others have and admire. Be it playing a keyboard or guitar, playing sports or arts.
3. Avoid being negative and impulsive. Listen to the child on what he has to say of his friends rather than stop him and showing your distaste of his friend. He may strong feel of his friend that you don't, maybe.
4. Help the child to solve conflicts. Social skills are necessary as they can learn to settle themselves at times of disputes with others.
5. Don't involve in small arguments of children. If they go physical, take your stand. Let the kids work out on their own.
6. Let the kids practice co-operation and understand feelings of others.
7. Help the kids to share, care and be kind and gentle with friends.
8. Know your child's friends. Invite them for play, birthday celebrations, etc.
This way, a parent can know of how well your child's friends are and also learn from their positive ways to help your child set example. If your child has a bad friendship, it makes you alert to guide.

As for the teachers, it's the first few days to be like the acronym, "KISS" - Keep it Simple Stupid! Teachers can adopt innovative ideas at the start of the school and make learning fun. Encourage reading habits on daily basis in the classroom and even at home. Even follow up with a para handwriting practice everyday. This will help weaker children to learn faster. Above all, routinely writing book reviews per week and making journals. Encourage them to write simple jot downs and you can make Kids Blogs with Google sites - a sure fire-way to lift up the spirit of the children.

Teachers can write 'welcome letters to children' and invite parents to describe their child by simply letting them jot down on 'Child Development Review' - some points to fill as below note:
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- ilaxi patel
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