Friday, June 15, 2012

My Daddy is the Best - Happy Father's Day to all Dads round the world...

My Dad is the Bestest ! I overheard kids talking in the my classroom and wonder How much do Dads esp. Indian Dads stand by Moms to help her in bringing up kids gracefully. A helping hand in kitchen may not be into culture habit but quite obvious, today's generation need parental help in day to day chores.

Well, Here's a Certificate to evaluate Father Skills - Just download it, get the Dad fill up the form and have fun.

Also follow My Parents are the bestest article apart from Kidsfreesouls 9 Ways to help Moms in upbringing kids gracefully. And, Sing along for Kids ' My Daddy is the Best ' Lyrics for kids.

Happy Father's Day to all Dad - wherever you are - Just a quote for you "Wherever she is (wife) there is Eden" :-)

- ilaxi patel

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