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Managing a good Classroom - child

Managing a good classroom is always the pride of a teacher. If ever a good class turns nasty, the reason could be mis-managing the class children! It often happens that the mainstream schooling comes with discipline - the rules and regulations. Yet, the class is with roars and uproars when the teacher fails to maintain the silence. Children often giggle and find the freedom to find pleasures in small little things. Their imagination soar to heights especially when they have to attend busy sessions of study in classroom. A spark triggers from a child and the fire catches with the whole lot which we all know, becomes unmanageable.

Read more on this on my experience while I managed a Big Classroom which is cut down to size with reading on backseat as in comes the latest gadgets, video games, computers, Internet and Social Networks. Above all, Happy go lucky attitude of parents and children.

Managing a classroom isn't an easy task as parents put the blame on teachers and vice versa, teachers blaming the parents for spoiling kids. Today's kids are smart and know all that they want to know.

Maybe my tips might help some... Also find sources to Brat Kids and How to discipline kids.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alice in Wonderland : Literature Projects

Often wonder why do I specifically celebrate birthdays of Literature profiles? The reason is Projects in classrooms. Once we had a random session of knowing Authors and Poets. In came the idea to go for Literature Projects. Children have an option to select one Literature profile they like best and jot down their bio, pieces and pictures. They even ended up making collage work with their best language phrases and poetic rhymes. Five in a group, their project turned to be quite unique with a sharing and reading each other's work.

The best or you can call it, the worst part was that I decided to give an Achievement prize for presenting the best project. The idea behind was to encourage them to make a nice presentation, neat handwritten stuff and best information they can extract from Swagat Library. However, it was quite difficult to give a prize coz each one had the best to present. And, finally, when one was chosen, there was an explanation to give why her project was best which in turn, became a lesson in progress for all on how to improve and make a nice presentation.

This reminds me, one of the students wanted to make a project on my profile - as an author! She quipped, "Aunty, you are an Author and why can't we have your profile." Ugh, the thought never occurred to me to make my own profile but maybe, Kidsfreesouls is one big profile and a project too.

Well, I presume you all have read once 'Alice in Wonderland' or even got a lesson in class text book. Lewis Carroll is best known as the creator of the classic children's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This classic novel is at once a social satire and a whimsical fairy tale, and can be appreciated by both adults and children. Born on 27th January, it is a day for me to remember the most as I have some attachments to it too.

Do nitrogent enriched gasoline create additional pollution?

Environment column - this week's questions:

How does growing human population, and its resultant landscape changes, affect the flight paths of migratory birds that might carry diseases? - Ronnie Washines, Toppenish, WA

Since nitrogen oxide compounds are components of smog and are common water pollutants, does nitrogen-enriched gasoline create additional pollution?
- Rick Oestrike, Poughkeepsie, NY

Find answers in Environment column - In English and Spanish on Kidsfreesouls. You can find more in Archives of past years and Archive of current year 2010.

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Robert Burns and the new year song Auld Lang Syne

Robert Burns, or Rabbie as he was known, was the son of a farmer, born in Alloway,a village on the River Doon, Ayrshire, in the southwest of Scotland on January 25, 1759. He is famous for his poetry and his songs, some of which are: Auld Lang Syne; Comin’ Thro the Rye; Sweet Afton; Scots Wha Hae; Green Grow the Rashes; and A Red, Red, Rose which are all songs as well.

His song 'Auld Lang syne - a new year song - In scottish dialect means 'old long since, or days gone by. Burns had heard an old man sing the song and he wrote down the words and Burns has been given the credit for writing the song.

You are seeing the Cottage in which Robert Burns lived in Ayrshire at Alloway, 3 miles away. The cottage was built by William Burnes, Robert's father. Visited by people from all over the world, Robert Burns lived only upto the age of 37! Click here to find Burns Cottage and places to visit in Aryshire.

Listen to his song and find profile in Literature - Add to your or your Child's Literature file. Find Project Ideas for kids here. Enjoy.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Creative sundays, better mondays!

Are you fond of dolls and looking for a place for safe, moderated community for kids to develop their imagination through role playing games? Create a room, adopt a pet, build network of friends and even blog or just dress up Dolls - the place is for children who love Dolls.

If you wish that kids don't hang on to friends on chats, provide creative platform on which to write original stories, create art projects, and make friends around imaginative activites. Dolls Emporiums is a place where they can sharpen their talents and let flow the creative juices within.

Kids often find an activity boring after engaging for some time. So, here's more in the resources column where you can keep finding an add on as and when I come across an interesting surf. You can even log in to find the Grammar worksheets and free download them to keep their Sunday mornings busy with activity. A wordsearch fun or maybe a comprehension or doing Projects will keep them creatively involved and have fun.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiti Earthquake Aftermath

Our hearts pray for the victims as Aftermath Earthquake continues ... Obama Government denies occupying Haiti, Doctors fear of disease risk. Check for more Kidsfreesouls Blog -

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The fear phobia in kids - Aftermath Earthquake

On January 12, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti. As Haiti devastation take its toll, our hearts cry for a million of people affected by the massive earthquake. The nation has faced the fury of nature. And, its unfathomable on how much people could endure. The immediate response for a ray of hope for many and I hope relief continues in the aftermath of this catastrophic happenning.

Google has taken the initiative to date $ 1 Million to help organizations provide relife. You can Join Google mission to help disaster victims rebuild their lives and their communities.

The memories liven up of Gujarat Earthquake on 26th January 2001. Fear gripped aftermath when children shuddered to think of the calamity. My class kids spoke with grief and were frightened to narrate the incidents they saw in real or viewed on television. Each child was hyper and aggressively narrated with sparks of fear gripping them frenzy.

Read more on Kidsfreesouls Blog and find Earthquake resources for classrooms.

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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Green clean vehicle

This week's Environment Question is on Green clean vehicle use. I wonder, how much concerned are the car users who take care of vehicles and keep their family our of harm's way. Doityourselfers almost dump in waste waters any where. One got to use wash and wax products that don’t contain harsh chemical surfactants—and as such don’t require water-wasting, polluting rinses. Well, read on....

Are there green detailers out there, or products that I could use myself to keep my vehicle clean and my family out of harm’s way?

"Traditional auto detailing employs a range of not-so-eco-friendly products. But the industry is starting to examine its environmental footprint and some shops have a decidedly green bent. There are also now many do-it-yourself green detailing products and kits out there, easily found through an Internet search."

Read the Environment Column on Kidsfreesouls : In English In Spanish

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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Send messages - Happy Uttarayan

Kids and Kites - It rhymes with a reason to "Don't worry, Be Happy" and fly kites, have fun and enjoy. What I always noticed is, mix it with activities and they are not bored to stick to a single activity.

Quotes and the messages are always fun. To write five, kids pick up 10. All the way learning as they write these quotes on kites and send across messages - of love, friendship, peace or message any concern, joke or quote.

Well, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride....I can be pegasus and fly....I'd sent this message some years ago on a kite. Well, Life is a bundle of joys and sorrows. We have to cross the stormy seas, climb the rugged mountains and walk through the thickest shrubs. Sometimes what we say is that we dont do and what we dream is that we never get, what we think, we can never say and our wishes, hopes and concerns remain buried in our hearts. Let Uttarayan mark the day for writing messages on the kites. May our united wishes, hopes, concerns and super scoops of quotes be the menu for life, meaningful to all readers and touch the hearts somewhere. Let it stir the feelings within of cherished memories, faith and freedom for all Free souls.

Writing quotes and they often have mind boggling sessions for children and yeah, even we face the situation when we have to collect quotes of a leader or an author or a poet.

You can find Projects for kids with Kite Festival activity here. And, you can even send across your choicest quotes to kidsfreesouls - in comments or mail.

Happy Uttarayan.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Television and kids - Harmful effects

Years ago I read that children should be kept at least two feet from the television because of harmful electronic emissions. Is this still relevant? Is there a difference regarding this between older and new flat-screen models?- Horst E. Mehring, Oconomowoc, WI

"Luckily for many of us and our kids, sitting “too” close to the TV isn’t known to cause any human health issues. This myth prevails because back in the 1960s General Electric (GE) sold some new-fangled color TV sets that emitted excessive amounts of radiation—as much as 100,000 times more than federal health officials considered safe. GE quickly recalled and repaired the faulty TVs, but the stigma lingers to this day.

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Friday, January 08, 2010

Spare quality time - break communication gap...

Parents are too busy to provide valuable time for their children. According to a survey of 1,000 parents in Britain, 25% of British boys have some difficulties learning to speak, and 5% experience significant trouble. The corresponding figures for girls are 13% and 2%.

While most children spoke their first word between 10 and 11 months, more girls than boys — 34% against 27 % — did so before they reached nine months. Some 4% of children had not said their first word by the age of three. Jean Gross, an educational psychologist, said some of the problems could be put down to a lack of face-to-face conversations with parents.

A grave situation persist all over as parents are too much involved in their own lifestyle spheres, children have diverted to overloaded Television viewing, games and internet. Communication gap has widened. Kids struggle to talk and find loss of words to communicate. Their minds race on different planes as they sort for activities, engrossed in their own space. Parents keep busy to strive livelihood and when with kids, sort for own household chores and their own television programs. Result is, kids often join watching television programs not suited for them!

It is also noted, some parents are over ambitious who tend to fulfill their own aspirations through their off springs. Parents motivate kids towards selecting activities of interest as they dream to see their kids scale to be a celebrity. Be it sports, music or arts, too much of ambition leads to frustration when failures come their way. Ultimately, incidents like child suicide, depression or attitude traits/inferior complex takes place. And, Kids Stress-Parent Stress!

If a parent fails to devote time in child development, consequences lead not only to communication gaps but frustrations and depressed mood swings. ‘Has the child been taught or rather motivated to develop self esteem, discipline, respect, self control or the methods providing opportunities for development schedules?’ The question reflects to 'Childhood Assessment' - a measured expression of child's abilities.

Children can blossom and bloom with unconditional love and tremendous support of parents. Some small yet big tips might help to be with kids and for kids, Kidsfreesouls way of course:

- A smile takes to miles and speaks volumes! Open lines of communication start with a smile. Be friendly.

- Let children know they are always welcome for conversation even if they enter your privacy room. Some kids shy off and feel they are unwanted. Welcome them, be with them, show willingness always instead of waving off.

- Be an advocate for early education. Help them to learn, share and grow.

- Provide opportunities to be happy. Have them display their work like arts, music or projects. Show interest and even call for children sessions with these activities with their friends. This will inspire and help them learn from each other.

- Share family photos together. Click pictures while kids are engaged in activities. Note down the description of the activity to enjoy viewing later on.

- Singing sessions together bring closeness. Play singing games. Provide song words which will also build child's vocabulary.

- Make a list of age appropriate books and gift them at occasions like birthdays, Christmas, etc. Help them to read and write reviews too. Go for 'Book Picnics' - organize reading sessions with selected books for them and enjoying fun-frolic outdoors.

Make quality time. Plan effective family meetings, once a week routine of icecreams together, shopping together, singing together or reading books together. Telling stories before sleep or just being together and sharing routines. End of bed time stories and this is one major difference that made in kids lives. Imaginations run dry. We don't need to change our life but make sure the time we spend with our kids is special. Let parenting be an opportunity to be happy, be content and enjoy life with loved ones.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My mind is like a racing engine

Sherlock Holmes derived solution to the Mystery case of his Birth ! 6th January!

"My mind is like a racing engine, tearing itself to pieces because it is not connected up with the work for which it was built."
-Sherlock Holmes to Dr. Watson: The Man with the Twisted Lip.

Interesting? Mind functions like the racing engine all through the years and I completely am confused why does it have to tear to pieces! Always a mystery on how it works, I wonder, how mind races....but than, just now I read on New York Times related to Minds!

Well, read Sherlock Holmes and long to solve mystery cases? Find the Profile of Arthur Conan Doyle and solve Kidsfreesouls You be the Detective pages.
You may find the Google Doodle on google homepage with Sherlock theme or just check out the logos on their site. Enjoy.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

A new beginning 2010 - Stay tuned

(click to print @
A grand year to look forward with a lucky number 3 - 2010 - might be unlucky for some! Well, you are what your driving desire is. However, if you believe in those lucky numbers like me, do check out Cheiro theory based my reading on Number mystery with your sun sign character reading too - on Also find color moods and what color reveals your character.
Btw, its gonna be a Hap hap happy 2010 - Be positive and download/print my Calendar 2010. And, if you got children, help them with my projects and NIE Tips too.

Do find the updated 2010 News for use - News in brief here. Sometimes, at a glance read do make a big quick difference to be aware, stay tuned. Enjoy.

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