Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alice in Wonderland : Literature Projects

Often wonder why do I specifically celebrate birthdays of Literature profiles? The reason is Projects in classrooms. Once we had a random session of knowing Authors and Poets. In came the idea to go for Literature Projects. Children have an option to select one Literature profile they like best and jot down their bio, pieces and pictures. They even ended up making collage work with their best language phrases and poetic rhymes. Five in a group, their project turned to be quite unique with a sharing and reading each other's work.

The best or you can call it, the worst part was that I decided to give an Achievement prize for presenting the best project. The idea behind was to encourage them to make a nice presentation, neat handwritten stuff and best information they can extract from Swagat Library. However, it was quite difficult to give a prize coz each one had the best to present. And, finally, when one was chosen, there was an explanation to give why her project was best which in turn, became a lesson in progress for all on how to improve and make a nice presentation.

This reminds me, one of the students wanted to make a project on my profile - as an author! She quipped, "Aunty, you are an Author and why can't we have your profile." Ugh, the thought never occurred to me to make my own profile but maybe, Kidsfreesouls is one big profile and a project too.

Well, I presume you all have read once 'Alice in Wonderland' or even got a lesson in class text book. Lewis Carroll is best known as the creator of the classic children's novel Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This classic novel is at once a social satire and a whimsical fairy tale, and can be appreciated by both adults and children. Born on 27th January, it is a day for me to remember the most as I have some attachments to it too.

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