Friday, January 08, 2010

Spare quality time - break communication gap...

Parents are too busy to provide valuable time for their children. According to a survey of 1,000 parents in Britain, 25% of British boys have some difficulties learning to speak, and 5% experience significant trouble. The corresponding figures for girls are 13% and 2%.

While most children spoke their first word between 10 and 11 months, more girls than boys — 34% against 27 % — did so before they reached nine months. Some 4% of children had not said their first word by the age of three. Jean Gross, an educational psychologist, said some of the problems could be put down to a lack of face-to-face conversations with parents.

A grave situation persist all over as parents are too much involved in their own lifestyle spheres, children have diverted to overloaded Television viewing, games and internet. Communication gap has widened. Kids struggle to talk and find loss of words to communicate. Their minds race on different planes as they sort for activities, engrossed in their own space. Parents keep busy to strive livelihood and when with kids, sort for own household chores and their own television programs. Result is, kids often join watching television programs not suited for them!

It is also noted, some parents are over ambitious who tend to fulfill their own aspirations through their off springs. Parents motivate kids towards selecting activities of interest as they dream to see their kids scale to be a celebrity. Be it sports, music or arts, too much of ambition leads to frustration when failures come their way. Ultimately, incidents like child suicide, depression or attitude traits/inferior complex takes place. And, Kids Stress-Parent Stress!

If a parent fails to devote time in child development, consequences lead not only to communication gaps but frustrations and depressed mood swings. ‘Has the child been taught or rather motivated to develop self esteem, discipline, respect, self control or the methods providing opportunities for development schedules?’ The question reflects to 'Childhood Assessment' - a measured expression of child's abilities.

Children can blossom and bloom with unconditional love and tremendous support of parents. Some small yet big tips might help to be with kids and for kids, Kidsfreesouls way of course:

- A smile takes to miles and speaks volumes! Open lines of communication start with a smile. Be friendly.

- Let children know they are always welcome for conversation even if they enter your privacy room. Some kids shy off and feel they are unwanted. Welcome them, be with them, show willingness always instead of waving off.

- Be an advocate for early education. Help them to learn, share and grow.

- Provide opportunities to be happy. Have them display their work like arts, music or projects. Show interest and even call for children sessions with these activities with their friends. This will inspire and help them learn from each other.

- Share family photos together. Click pictures while kids are engaged in activities. Note down the description of the activity to enjoy viewing later on.

- Singing sessions together bring closeness. Play singing games. Provide song words which will also build child's vocabulary.

- Make a list of age appropriate books and gift them at occasions like birthdays, Christmas, etc. Help them to read and write reviews too. Go for 'Book Picnics' - organize reading sessions with selected books for them and enjoying fun-frolic outdoors.

Make quality time. Plan effective family meetings, once a week routine of icecreams together, shopping together, singing together or reading books together. Telling stories before sleep or just being together and sharing routines. End of bed time stories and this is one major difference that made in kids lives. Imaginations run dry. We don't need to change our life but make sure the time we spend with our kids is special. Let parenting be an opportunity to be happy, be content and enjoy life with loved ones.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for kids
Author of Guardian of Angels: A practical guide to Joyful Parenting


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