Friday, January 22, 2010

Creative sundays, better mondays!

Are you fond of dolls and looking for a place for safe, moderated community for kids to develop their imagination through role playing games? Create a room, adopt a pet, build network of friends and even blog or just dress up Dolls - the place is for children who love Dolls.

If you wish that kids don't hang on to friends on chats, provide creative platform on which to write original stories, create art projects, and make friends around imaginative activites. Dolls Emporiums is a place where they can sharpen their talents and let flow the creative juices within.

Kids often find an activity boring after engaging for some time. So, here's more in the resources column where you can keep finding an add on as and when I come across an interesting surf. You can even log in to find the Grammar worksheets and free download them to keep their Sunday mornings busy with activity. A wordsearch fun or maybe a comprehension or doing Projects will keep them creatively involved and have fun.

- ilaxi patel
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