Sunday, January 17, 2010

Green clean vehicle

This week's Environment Question is on Green clean vehicle use. I wonder, how much concerned are the car users who take care of vehicles and keep their family our of harm's way. Doityourselfers almost dump in waste waters any where. One got to use wash and wax products that don’t contain harsh chemical surfactants—and as such don’t require water-wasting, polluting rinses. Well, read on....

Are there green detailers out there, or products that I could use myself to keep my vehicle clean and my family out of harm’s way?

"Traditional auto detailing employs a range of not-so-eco-friendly products. But the industry is starting to examine its environmental footprint and some shops have a decidedly green bent. There are also now many do-it-yourself green detailing products and kits out there, easily found through an Internet search."

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