Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Best of Luck - Examinations are here...!

Most of my students are currently appearing for school exams and some of them will have their exams at the end of March and first week of April. So, here's wishing all 'Best of Luck' and Enjoy:-) 

Fight the battle strong if you have the Examination Blues. The celebrations with the dance parties and uttarayan, holi etc.festivals are soon forgotten with a long drawn face buried in books as last minute preparations demands concentration. No more telephonic calls of friends or music and fun, television or just freaking out! Serious studies are in and extra curricular activities are just ‘Out’ for a while. But than, its Recognizing values. Exams bring about seriousness towards your goals. They measure your learning abilities and capabilities to understand the knowledge books. Exams bring out the hidden potentialities and reveal your memorization skills. To chase away the butterflies and quell away the blues, students need to have healthy attitudes. Kids Free souls Attitude make a big difference, check it out!

The learning experience is the best experience in life. One faces ‘Examination’ at every step ahead towards a reach and one has to face the trials on every walk of life. So, be prepared and ‘Get-Set-Right’ for the ‘Right Attitude’. Here’s wishing all Students ‘Best of Luck’

- ilaxi patel
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