Friday, January 29, 2010

Managing a good Classroom - child

Managing a good classroom is always the pride of a teacher. If ever a good class turns nasty, the reason could be mis-managing the class children! It often happens that the mainstream schooling comes with discipline - the rules and regulations. Yet, the class is with roars and uproars when the teacher fails to maintain the silence. Children often giggle and find the freedom to find pleasures in small little things. Their imagination soar to heights especially when they have to attend busy sessions of study in classroom. A spark triggers from a child and the fire catches with the whole lot which we all know, becomes unmanageable.

Read more on this on my experience while I managed a Big Classroom which is cut down to size with reading on backseat as in comes the latest gadgets, video games, computers, Internet and Social Networks. Above all, Happy go lucky attitude of parents and children.

Managing a classroom isn't an easy task as parents put the blame on teachers and vice versa, teachers blaming the parents for spoiling kids. Today's kids are smart and know all that they want to know.

Maybe my tips might help some... Also find sources to Brat Kids and How to discipline kids.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for kids
Author of Guardian of Angels

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