Monday, February 01, 2010

Mind is a thought factory - We are prisoners of our thoughts

Too many things at a time and you are apt to make mistakes! This happened to me while with the posting of the weekly environment column today. The other day, the whole house was on fire when my hubby misplaced his purse! And maybe, this calls for being more organized and even not losing patience!

Such things occur maybe due to slip of mind and our mind is a storehouse of thoughts. It is in continuous process of thinking - a thought factory which produces ideas. However, sometimes we need to meditate. We are all prisoners of our thoughts. Here is where we need to take a break from the routines, sit and relax. Close our eyes and go blank.

How much of us do this, I wonder. But sure, when children make mistakes, many parents make the mistake of losing patience. While anxiety mounts, the child ends up with fear complex. Mistakes are a part of learning; being aware; being conscious and cautious. There is endless growing gracefully as we cuddle our child with love, fill her world with wonders and above all, step aside and watch her grow with your loving care. Let the steps be small but firm, positive and strong - losing patience to her mistakes is no way to get irritated.

Well, till I get to frame a new Parenting blog note, here is this week's Environment Question and Answers:

What are the primary environmental concerns in the aftermath of the big earthquake in Haiti?- Frank Dover, Portland, OR

We’ve all heard about the abysmal food served in prison, as well as the economical, nutritional and even therapeutic value of growing one’s own food. Are there any agricultural programs or garden projects in U.S. prisons? -- Jerry Mullins, Tennessee Colony, TX

Read the answers in Environment column on Kidsfreesouls : In English In Spanish

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