Saturday, February 20, 2010

Traffic Congestion

While I recently got an opportunity to talk to Mr. J P Gupta, Transport Commissioner (person behind City Disaster management), he has a vision to work out disaster traffic congestion on Ahmedabad roads. Always concerned and a keen listener, the team is all set up to minimise traffic issues.

Traffic will be a part of school curriculum from next year beginning from class IV as per the Government decision. You can read more on this on Kidsfreesouls earlier news.

With the following Question on Traffic Congestion in US, I think, ideas need to be implemented. Traffic congestion pricing is a good idea as, if the toll is higher, the drivers will cancel the trips which are unnecessary rides. Carpooling is a nice idea too and students can sort for such practices. Even Corporates can provide 'by bus' facility to its employees. A vigil check on teenager rides without licence and most of, three track lanes to be implemented for different 2-3-4 wheelers - a biggest hurdle in creating traffic congestion where everybody wants to overtake the other.

Much more suggestions and if you facing traffic problem in town, do drop in your suggestions too...they're heard!

Children 5-15 years can draw-color to project their Traffic congestion ideas and even be encouraged to point their suggestions in ten simple points.

So, lessons to learn with the answers...Environment Questions for this week:

Short of massive efforts to build a public transportation infrastructure, which doesn’t appear likely anytime soon, what is being done to address traffic congestion, which is reaching absurd levels almost everywhere? - John Daniels, Baltimore, MD

I have a new linoleum floor, which I chose partly for its eco-friendliness. How do I clean and maintain it without using harsh or toxic chemicals? -- A.J. Maimbourg, via e-mail

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