Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Kids Book Recommendations and more on Books

Books and they are always the windows through which the soul peeps out. I have always been an ardent reader through years as I possess a wonderful Library - Shelves with books on Parenting and Child Care, Fiction & Romance, Management, Children's Books, Spiritual, Cooking, Art & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Music, War & Political ...Endless reading and it's always an ocean of knowledge. "Children who formed the habit of reading at Swagat Children Library are never alone" quips a student's mother whose son stepped to Swagat world and is now a business man. Books have remained his constant companion while travelling too, she says.

Reading workshop every Saturday is a routine at Swagat Children Library . During this time, students are reading self-selected books independently. However, guided, they choose the books from library and it is important to make sure that the same is “just right” level based selection. While students are reading their books, I am conferring with individual students, conducting guided reading groups or strategy lessons, facilitating project ideas, etc. For this reason, it is important that I have clear routines and procedures in place to keep my independent readers on task and truly engaged in their reading.

Keeping Book logs is encouraged where students must record ALL Books they read throughout the year in their Reader’s Log. This reflect on their own reading habits, set monthly reading goals, and also helps to assess their reading progress.

Well, my fix routines of reading books landed me up to amazon books and I started reviewing all books that I have read and can recommend to others. You can find my Amazon Reviews Page on Kidsfreesouls and for now, here is the new page of Kid Book Recommendations.

Every week, I plan to present a book recommendation+review and apart from kid books, I also plan to add books from other categories too. Slow but steady, its always winning a race. If you are a teacher or a parent, help kids to make Reviews Project and encourage them to read books/stories and write reviews to add to the project. An example is Shril's Blog with Story Board. Even send across to kidsfreesouls to place on Kids Reviews Blog (coming soon).

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