Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sidney Sheldon - How he met his wife

I have ever been a Sidney Sheldon Die-hard Fan and have almost read and lended books that were never returned! Sid's Books are Interesting Reads that glues from start to finish read. His novels are royal touch that walks one mentally through the series of events that are emotional, sensational, touchy, investigative, gripping. Till the end, Sid keeps mystery and thats the charm of his novels.

In an Interview, he asked a reporter, “Do you know why is it simply impossible to put down a Sidney Sheldon book?” The reporter had many answers on my mind: “Because he is a maestro, a genius...” But before he was able to say anything, Sheldon “revealed the secret”: “It’s because the publisher puts glue on the cover.”

So very true! Born on 17th February 1917 and even died in February, the Author met his wife in a very strange manner. He said, “One stormy night I was in my kitchen and suddenly I heard a noise outside the door. A gorgeous woman was holding a puppy in her arms. The dog was cold and wet, so I wanted to bring the puppy in, and I had to bring Alexandra in, too. And I liked the dog, so I decided to keep them both.”

Hmm...Thank the dog, Alexandra was lucky. Well, we all are lucky some way to meet our mates in some or the other fashion....

Well, Find the Sidney Sheldon Profile page on Kidsfreesouls and explore my Google Buzz too. Enjoy.

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