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Make your child Stress Free - Parent Stress,Kids Stress

Recently, Kidsfreesouls Counsellor Expert Dr.P.V.Vaidyanathan launched the Marathi version of his English book 'Make your Child Stress Free' - The event was held at Crossword Book Store at their Linking Road, Bandra West outlet, at 4.30 pm on Saturday, the 20th of February, 2010. The English version has been published by Ameya Prakashan originally in June 2007 which is now translated into Marathi by Mrs. Ashwini Latkar and released on 20th Feb.

Chief Guest, Priya Dutt graced the event and launched the book. She spoke about her own motherhood, upbringing a two year and four year old children. She felt the importance of balancing work and her family and inspite of being born to celebrity parents (Sunil Dutt and Nargis), she led a simple childhood with nurtured care of her parents. Her father, Sunil Dutt was quite strict, but her mother used to cushion the children from their father's strictness. Priya Dutt lamented how today's life and society has become materialistic, with people only worrying about how to buy a better mobile, a bigger car or a bigger house. This places a burden on the parents which in turn is passed on to the children. She asked parents to prioritise their lives so that they can lead a more balanced life.

Dr. Vaidyanathan narrated his experience while he wrote on Why children feel the stress and what could be the possible solutions to help them grow 'stress free.' He asserted, how things changed in last three or four decades. Pushy parents have led kids to go for more activities. As a result, they are stressed as they do not get enough sleep, enough rest, have irregular meals and are on the edge, running from one class to another. He said, "Parents too are not always around to help children. Children can take pressure from one direction, but not from both sides. Parents, apart from providing the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter should enhance their child's good points and support the bad ones. They should act as a cushion for the children's emotional problems. The desire to acquire more---more of everything-----and where the more is never a destination only a journey, never to be reached, is making both adults and children stressed out. Nowadays, children are forced to develop their own mechanisms of stress release and to combat stress."

Kidsfreesouls Moms Zone has articles for Parents and Teachers. I do feel 'Parents Stress, Kids stress' - Alarming figures are on a rise with internal and external factors responsible for the cause. Multiple complications have arisen for health and psychological well being of not only children but parent too. It is a high alert and need of the hour to think, understand and act.

Grab the copy of Dr. Vaidyanathan's books 'Make your Child Stress Free' (In English and Marathi) and 'Managing The Unmanageable Child' - available on all leading Bookstores and online stores. Find his column here Kidsfreesouls Counsellor Expert Dr.P.V.Vaidyanathan

About the Book: Make Your Child Stress Free by Dr. Vaidyanathan

Is your child suffering from stress? This book is an handbook & guide for parents having children of ages from early childhood to teenage, giving the causes and remedies for stress.

The book highlights the need for parent education. Questions related to identifying if your son / daughter is under stress is handled with ease in the book. The book also discussed how the situation should be handled. The author guides you on how a parent can understand and reduce the stress in a child's life and make him more relaxed and balanced minded.

You can even pick up 'Guardian of Angels' which cover 'Problem Solving' - 'Temperament and Values' chapters that cover up 'thought provoking' articles on parenting.

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