Saturday, February 27, 2010

203rd Birthday of Henry Longfellow followed by Holi celebrations...

Did you know? It's 203rd Birthday of Longfellow on 27th February 2010. My fav line and even a friend had given me an autographs with words 'Lives of great men...." and the most memoral piece. Many of the lines of Longfellow is so familiar to us and quoted as inspirations, he is the best loved and popular American Poet in the world. Easy to understand, his poems touches our hearts as he had the rhythm and beauty of a song, optimistic vision and extreme faith in goodness of life and living. He was greatly influenced by the book of Washington Irving's 'Sketch Book' apart from 'Don Quixote' which was his favorite read. In Hiawatha, the long poem begins with Gitche Matino, the Great Spirit, commanding his people to live in peace and tells how Hiawatha is born. It ends with the coming of the white man and Hiawatha's death. The publication of 'Hiawatha' caused the greatest excitement. For the first time in American literature, Indian themes gained recognition as sources of imagination, power, and originality. The appeal of 'Hiawatha' for generations of children and young people gives it an enduring place in world literature.

Read more and find Worksheet link on Henry Wadsworth Longfellow page in Literature.

Btw, it's Holi Celebrations on 28-29th.Colours of Love, Colours of Life!

It's Holi Festival on 28-29th February and we fill our lives with the colors – Colors of Love, colors of life. Colors fill our world with beauty. We mix and blend our life with colors in various ways.

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