Monday, March 01, 2010

Code Red - Holi is shrugging off evil....

Holi mein tum karo total masti, Aur tumko mile sabka pyar aur dosti...Khushiya ho overflow, fun kabhi na ho low....That's wishing a splashing Holi with colors of love, colors of life.

Have a 'Code Red' or Code color Party. Wear Red. Decorations be red, appetizers be red with Tomato juice, food be red like pastas, pizzas, chinese cabbage, fruit be red like apple or strawberry and music too - All red like 'Code Red, Bad Boys Red, and a music score dancing tune be red like 'Red Red wine by UB40'

Whatever the theme, it's never ever late for a colorful Holi festival as it continues hours of celebrations. Apart from other tales than King Hiranyakashya and Prahlad, Holi is also associated with Dol yatra, rocking image of Krishna-radha and in UP, the legendery home of Radha, women go to Nandgaon, home of Krishna and challenge men to throw colours on them. Radha was a great devotee of Krishna. Some mock at the Radha Krishna affair which is total ignorance of their beliefs and misinterpretation, making them see the materialistic world instead of a divine submission to the godhead.

Here's Radhe Krishna pages and at a time when Holi celebrations is held, it is not all about materialistic world but merge into love to shrug off evil, banish hate and spread happiness around.

- ilaxi patel

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