Friday, March 19, 2010

This week in environment: Healthy snacks for kids & ewaste of electronics

The recent Earth Talk Question-Answers :

I see a lot of “healthy snacks” being marketed for kids that list “natural flavors” but don’t identify them. Should I use these products?- John Stein, Methuen, MA

"Christine Steendahl of Kid Approved Meals stresses the importance of teaching kids which snacks to eat and which to avoid early in life so that they can sidestep obesity and other health problems altogether. Fruits, nuts and dry cereals, for example, are good alternatives to chips and other junk food."

I work for an office equipment company selling copiers, fax machines, computers and printers. Each year new models come out making old ones obsolete. As a result, we have loads of trade-ins with nowhere to go. What can we do with this old equipment? -- Jeff P., Worcester, MA

"The Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition reports that 70 percent of the heavy metals in U.S. landfills are from discarded electronics. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that Americans trash two million tons of unwanted electronics each year -­ six times the amount they recycle.

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