Friday, February 05, 2010

Charles Dickens, a journalist

Charles John Huffham Dickens, the famous Novelist was born on 7 February. It might surprise some that he was a Journalist. Charles became a reporter on the Parliamentary newspaper 'True Sun', where his natural talent for reporting and keen observation was first recognized. He taught himself shorthand and, on the Mirror of Parliament, and then the Morning Chronicle, he was soon acknowledged as the best Parliamentary Reporter of the age. Later, he started a daily Newspaper, the 'Daily News' and a weekly Magazine, Household Words.

Each one of us have read Oliver Twist and David Copperfield for Literature Supplements in school. Oliver Twist is the most widely read of all Charles Dickens Reads and this Book has been the second Novel of CD after the Fun and humour of The Pickwick Papers. This book added to reputation of Charles. The story says of a boy's journey from hell to heaven. The end is winning edge `Good over evil'.

Whenever we select Classic books for reads in the class, it is very important to note that the book is well and thorough read. For the February Projects, children can study the characters of Oliver Twist and make profile sketch. A man of tremendous energy, Dickens had spent hours a day walking the London streets from which his characters and scenes came. Kids can list out all Charles Dicken's books and a classroom session / individual child session can be held on which story of Charles Dickens they like the most and why. Here is Sparknotes with Analysis of major Characters in Oliver Twist which might be helpful for the project.

Find February Calendar events and Projects for February. As I add more to Literature in Classics Corner of Kidsfreesouls, stay tuned for Book Kids Read section to find reviews on Charles Dickens Books. Enjoy.

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