Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hi - Hello - Bonjour - Namaste - Hola......

21st November is Hello Day. "HELLO" – When we say this five lettered word, it’s the sound that makes a big difference. Your voice is the inner reflexion of your soul. Every person has gifted with a voice which one can modulate with the speech styles. The voice is the power within you. It has powers that make a person fall in love with you. Close your eyes and listen to the smooth husky flowing voice of ‘George Michael’ or a close friend and you can feel the calm like a breath of fresh air! Listen to the musical sensation of Ricky Martin’s ‘Cup of Life’ and one can feel the rush of excitement in life. Listen to the bold voice of late PM Rajiv Gandhi and you are sure to feel the concerns finding yourself in the midst of a debate getting aggressive and confident. A voice can make one ready for a battle of words which can calm and seduce, provoke or silence, thrill and charge or can be electrifying. Voice has a special depth of thoughts and can influence your whole life as well as others. When you say ‘Hello’ the sound is like tinkling bell when you say it with softness and deep feeling but if you are harsh with your words, this means you are not towards the right track to road ahead of success. Words spoken with intelligence, words spoken with soft feelings, words spoken with understanding has an impact on the other with the voice powers. If you observe people talking, you can find the characteristics of the person which can master you with ‘mind reading’. Voice can get you hired or fired or promoted too. A voice can make friends or foes. A voice bring love back into your life and a voice can make your work loads lighter when you are on hieghts of your job and the work stress is higher. A Free Soul Friend Siddharth says " Voice is like a calm breeze which builds the faith and brings in the peace of mind." Vivek puts it this way that a voice should be pleasant that a person keeps talking to you but it also depends on one’s identity otherwise you are sure to be rejected with a bang of the receiver if you just call someone and say ‘Hi’. However this depends on the way you start your say, so he beams. Rohan too supports Vivek’s views on voice but Binal snaps back ‘Priya had a beautiful voice and talked for hours but she faced a rejection from me. What’s the point of hearing a beautiful voice when you can’t meet, says he!

Truly, Voice is a lovely gift that humans possess and as someone said "Speech is silvern, silence is gold" – Speech is Silvern but Silence speaks a thousand words and those thousand words when are accumulated comes out with an outburst, overflowing thoughts stored in the mind and than there is peace and calmness, isnt this true?

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