Friday, July 30, 2010

Meet Kidsfreesouls Kids Reporters and Bloggers

Meet Kidsfreesouls Reporters - Bloggers who make their way on web to spread their wings to fly and reach the skies. Kids Blogs are presented on Kidsfreesouls by Swagat Children Library class students - some old and some new students. Blogging is not everybody's cup of tea but a result of hard work at the Library while they learn how to Report News, conduct Interviews, Write their fav jokes, Riddles and book Reviews. They even provide their favorite quotes and whatever they find interesting and inspiring to others.

The recent Blogger is Tulsa Ved. Amazingly, she has picked up Blogging in a span of six months and inspite of being in Gujarati Medium, I am happy to note that she can break boundaries to reach her goals. You can find her Blog here and stay tuned as she blogs Interviews and more interestingly, her Inspirational stories that could stir souls with her delicious soup stories.

Also find, Shril's Blog who is more fond of reading and presents his reviews. Most of the time, he is found with his head deep buried in books and comics. He has sure shot ideas on How to Make Newspaper and is found to provide good tips and suggestions to a noted Weekly Children Newspaper 'Knowledge Path'.

A shift in technology, Blogging has become a revolution but at Swagat, Blogging is more informative learning too. To Blog, kids need to read. To blog, they need to write and type too - They get the exposure to technology. Develop communication and writing skills. They even Learn to type faster using the right fingers and enhance vocabulary and spelling skills. Children learn the privacy and social networking skills and above all learn 'Courtesy and responsibility' as they use technology.

Finally, Parents learn in the process too and who better can be their teachers than kids who can explain to them what Blogging is about! Esp. to those parents or teachers who are not exposed much to technology.

Enjoy Kidsfreesouls.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids

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