Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Green Investing - Learning about Investments that help environment

Ecological crisis is exploding. Socio economic inequality, economic catastrophe and environment hazards boom, not only America but world over. There has been a growing concern over consumer demands regarding green solutions. Amidst continuous struggle to restore environment, green solutions find way to progressive world and Green Investing focus on Investing with values. Socially Responsible Investing has found way and we find, refusal to own stocks in tobacco, alcohol, gambling, weapons or nuclear energy companies. Community awareness pave its way to greener investing keeping in mind the future and the hazards that pose a threat.

You can find more in the book and explore the Environment Column at Kidsfreesouls.com with more Green Questions and Answers that tickle the mind. This week's questions (In English and Spanish) are:

What are some good resources out there for learning about investments that help the environment?- Rob Johnson, Sherman Oaks, CA

Is it now feasible to provide all of a home’s energy needs—including air conditioning—with solar power alone? If so, why hasn’t solar caught on more, particularly in U.S. “Sun Belt” states from southern California east to Florida? - Tim Douglas, Burlington, VT

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