Monday, October 25, 2010

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31st October is marked as Halloween's Day. The image of Witches roaming the skies with broomsticks and fear of ghosts and spirits haunt the children. However, Halloween is so much fun for children in UK, US and most parts of Northern Europe.

As you surf the page of Halloween (Mystifying myths), this mention of Witch reminds me of the story of Rupunzel. The Witch snatched away the first born child 'Rupunzel' and locked her in a big tower. Whenever the witch said, 'Rupunzel, Rupunzel, let your hair down', Rupunzel let her long golden hair down from the tower and the witch climbed up to talk to her. Later a Prince came and heard the witch. He immitated and Rupunzel let her hair down. Both of them meet and the witch did come to know about this. She brutally cut Rupunzel's hair and next time, when the Prince came, he found the witch with Rupunzel who threw him down and later, ran away with Rupunzel. Fortunately, the Prince finds her in the end and the witch dies.

I just helped two children read this story at the Sports Club Library. They had stacked too many books but when asked, both replied that they did not read any book! While encouraging them, I narrated the story showing pictures and yes, the kids read the book thoroughly after hearing the story.

Well, I guess, we need to encourage kids for reading and what other time could be - right now? Collect all books that have characters as 'witch' - Rupunzel, Black Beauty, Red Riding Hood and so on....Children love to read them and Halloween is the time to get them read books with witch characters, get halloween costumes and let it be a halloween party with red color treats and decorations.

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- ilaxi patel
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