Saturday, October 02, 2010

Mahatma's Ideology on Education

Born on 2nd October, 1869, Mahatma Gandhi’s Ideology on Education has ever been so inspiring as he placed importance on Observation skills. He said, "A student means one who has hunger for knowledge. True knowledge is first and foremost to know own self. To attain this, one must know literature, history, geography, mathematics and so on. A real student will pursue to learn more at every stage and dedicate himself to attain knowledge which is an unending process. One has to develop habits of observation. One would not, then, always need a multitude of teachers or rather, would look upon the world as one’s teacher and accept everything in it which is good." Gandhiji inspired the inner spirit of the nation too - all with his spirit of truth and non violence. He left us the legacy of ahimsa, love and tolerance. Today, we salute the personality and pay our respects as even the nation. Gandhiji has emphasized social awareness amongst children and follow the path of truth and do what is good and honest. Click here for Gandhiji's profile and Gandhi Quiz from his book 'My Experiments of Life'. Gandhiji's page on Kidsfreesouls has ever been the highest surfed pages through Google Search and as I keep more contents posted on this, stay tuned.

- Gandhiji's Profile & more Information

Gandhiji followed Bhagwad Gita though on Religion, he said, "Even as a tree has a single trunk but many branches and leaves, there is one religion and that is "Religion of Humanity" There can be many faiths but the essence of all religions is one, only their approaches are different."

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