Saturday, December 11, 2010

World of Literature

Poets, when they are born, the parents little do they know their future. The Childhood phase passes with all the thick and thin. As the child grows up learning to climb the first steps, the first few words spoken are joy to listen. Gradually, they build their vocabulary and turn to choose their chosen activity and follow their instincts. It is here that Parents need to Nurture a genius in the child. As we find, assignments given to kids to write a poetry, like learning music, it is not a cup of tea for every child. First, they need to learn how to read, speak and write. Follows the vocabulary and learning how to write a poetry or a story. Well, more on this on the blog posts and Poetry pages. For now, step into Literature World and find John Milton and Emily Dickinson's profiles, in case you've missed.

- ilaxi patel

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