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Computer Literacy and Kids Projects 'Can Kids Teach Themselves'

Kidsfreesouls Projects every year have December 2 as the World Computer Literacy Day and children/parents are made aware of the use of Computers. Kidsfreesouls readers can peek-a-boo here for the December Project and sure, it's all about technology we need to be aware of and make the kids use computers in a right manner. Explore the sections and you may create your own ideas on how to use kidsfreesouls/any other websites in classrooms. I think, teachers need to model effective use of technology in the classroom - get aware and 'Teach with the Times' and know 'Is Computing Safe for Kids?' (my two articles in Guardian of Angels). Parents and teachers want their kids to use computers, even feel the pride that their children are using it but they really don't get to know much of it. Children can now be teachers as well when it comes to teaching computers when parents/teachers fail to know much. Here's a wonderful 10 things we need to unlearn. Very true, these technologies will make harder for old voice of Education to survive.

Btw, here's a site with interesting note on classroom implications. Can kids learn computing themselves? And do teachers look for opportunities to leverage unstructured success into more structured academic success? One do need to rethink technology standards. Here's Sugata Mitra on 'Can Kids Teach Themselves' - a very interesting research that part of primary education can happen on it's own as Children can self organize and learn sometimes with minimum interference of the teacher. Here's a video /also here, that says all.

What I believe is, the Mari Montessori method need to be re-examined as children learn from errors, experiments and by sharing their experiences with other classmates. Children are more tech smart as they share their computer skills even with their parents and teachers while they learn how to compute better and teach them in turn too.

You can also find a video here by Jackie Halaw on 3 steps for 21st Century Learning. Tips for a Transformable changes in Technology Education.

As technology makes a shift, one wonders "Is computing safe for kids" - Adults need not pry but be cautious to what kids are surfing on the web. Their safety is a prime concern and as Experts offer new Advice to safety (In Kidsfreesouls Google News here), teach kids on cyber safety with the chat etiquettes, email etiquettes and above all, how to go about social networking or game sites online as they will be exploring these areas as even their friends are doing so. Here is a Byte Crime Booklet "Mind what you do Online". You can even download the Tip Sheets. What every child on net needs to know is "You are Watched".

Kidsfreesouls Computing section is tech related Computing and kids here which you may find useful. Enjoy.

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