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Inspirations for Purposeful Living - SQ in kids

Recently, AMA had organised a week on "Inspirations for purposeful living symbolized by Lord Ganesha." Spiritual discourses were held by Swami Anubhavananda and Swami Atmananda. Swami Anubhavananda urged people to be in an 'inspired mode' throughout life and be spiritual by observing, sincere devotion, positive thinking, expression of joy and zero complaints.'

He outlined three ways of god realization:

1. Every action shoud be expression of happiness.
2. Every word uttered is expression of Happiness
3. Every thought within has to be of Happiness

The purpose of life is not to become 'Big' but live a live in devotion, intelligence and grow spiritually.

Swami Atmananda spoke on Ganesha and it's influence on mankind. He focused on Positive thinking and reflective Listening. For the Big mind to develop, one needs to Think. Hence, he told the audience to Think - ideas that pop up in mind turn to desired results as they turn profitable, sets a person free and makes thinking 'positive' with a clear mind.

Well, here's the Ganesh Page (In culture section) on Kidsfreesouls which briefly say all :

Lord Ganesh's BIG HEAD inspires us to 'Think Big' & 'Profitably'
Lord Ganesh's BIG EARS prompt us to listen patiently to new ideas & suggestion
Lord Ganesh's NARROW EYES point to deep concentration needed to finish tasks in hand well and quickly
Lord Ganesh's LONG NOSE tells us to poke around inquisitely to learn more

Lord Ganesh's SMALL MOUTH reminds us to speak less and listen more.

I believe 'utter faith' is need for a spiritual growth and where children are concerned, they need to develop not only the EQ, IQ but also the SQ - the spiritual quotient that often parents neglect. If SQ is inculcated from a very early stage of life, it can prove to be very instrumental in framing the overall personality of a child and sensitizing him/her towards various aspects of life. Every parent or a teacher need to Create a 'Genius in the Child' keeping in mind the IQ, EQ and SQ for which we all need the major 'KQ' (Knowledge Quotient) of spirituality understanding.

So, how do we teach the child for spiritual wisdom? Here's some insights:

1. Identify the values you cherish and your actions are based on beliefs which you pass on. Be specific and clear in your own mind which values you most cherish like some of them could be - Kindness, forgiveness, sincerity and loyalty.

2. Principles of right vs wrong. Actions have consequences and children should learn from your experience and examples to bear responsibility of their actions. Like the 'Ten Commandments' it's more an add of Nurturing commandments of Parenting (In GOA). Simply saying, 'Don't do this or that' is not effective but if a bridge of understanding prevails, it works.

3. Define the real meaning and it's results. Parents speak of words like love, joy, peace, self control, kindness, goodness, patience and more. However, what do these terms mean is not clearly defined. The child need to understand what they really mean with examples or anecdotes. Children are taught self control but specify. eg. Have self control and wait for a piece of cake after dinner without fussing to have it quick. It can be patience - either way. The values need to be understood.

4. Demonstrate your belief in Prayers. We say our daily prayers and let know the kids that you pray for help, guidance and gratitude for giving a wonderful world. We believe in super power and the child should keep the faith too. God is listening and he too, answer your prayers.

5. Teach spiritual songs, tell spiritual stories and go to 'church' or 'temple' or whatever the faith. Hymns are wonderful tools what we call spiritual songs. Children love to sing and daily prayers too, are important - the morning, saying grace at meal times and at night before sleeping. Stories are often interesting in all religions which even call for debate. Gently teach the spiritual principles. Let the child know the biographies of godly people.

6. Communicate. Talk to kids of ethics, values and faith. Stimulate their curiosity and set a good example.

Let there be 'SQ' to Nurture the Genius in your kid but don’t forget the KidsFreesoul Tip “Weave ‘Emotional Literacy’ into the fabric of daily life in you and the kid and take the flight steps to EQ-IQ with the added SQ. It’s the Spiritual quotient, faith that dispels ignorance, faith that moves mountains and faith that is deciding, daring and doing the job.

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids
Author of Guardian of Angels

[ Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival celebrated all over India on 3rd september this year, esp. Maharashtrians and even, 3rd September is the completion of Jain Festive 'Paryushan' - the fasting and offering prayers to god. It's 'Michami Dukdam' which means today we save sorry to all Jains and they revert back saying sorry in case by mistake also we've hurt someone by speech or action. Even the Ramzan festival is ongoing and here's on Pillars of Islam]

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Chris Cade said...

"Simply saying, 'Don't do this or that' is not effective but if a bridge of understanding prevails, it works."

This comment really hits home with me. We try to create a 'Yes' environment for our 1 1/2 year old son... in a way that he can learn about natural consequences on his own as safely and often as possible.

It's fascinating to watch him find his own balance as a result of natural consequences.

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