Friday, September 12, 2008

James Blunt video with songs and manners worksheet

Here's James Blunt video in Kidsfreesouls You Tube, doing a shaper-sized version of his hit song, "Beautiful" – except now he's singing about a triangle:

This shape was brilliant / This shape was pure.
I saw three angles / Of that I'm sure.
And I saw three pointy corners / And then I saw three straight sides.
The top was very narrow / And the base was oh so wide
(Telly says, "Wait that sounds like…")
A Triangle / My triangle
Oh triangle, it's true.
I saw your shape / In a crowded place
Now I don't know what to do.

And here's a parody from Sesame Street about Kidsfreesouls You Tube.

I am sure many of you are fond of Kids Music and maybe music that kids don't like. You can always keep a watch on Kidsfreesouls You Tube as being a Keyboard Player, I taught music to children earlier and you can find my fav music added here. Well, this is the Piano Month and I am sure, a good beginnings goes well with children singing merrily to the tunes they like the most. If you've heard Steven Cravis on Piano, you will sure love to see his new You Tube video on Kidsfreesouls You Tube

Here are some songs for fun and Grammar songs for kids. I will be adding more soon but here's one on 'Manners' and this should be fun singing and role playing, while you can have a 'Manners Session' in the classroom and even circulate a copy of the worksheet here from Grammar Fun-Manners. Here's in Archive also : Manners & kids Games by Hasbro Noodleboro

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