Monday, February 16, 2009

Act of Kindness - Randomly

February 11-17 is 'Random Act of Kindness Day'. However, I am not sure of the date and you can search here in Google to find. I think, any date is great to have Kindness Day. I was wondering, why 'Random' but I guess children can well define 'act' and 'kindness' but 'random' is just casual - Children need to know this word 'random' and understand the phrase fully.

Kindness in the Classroom (Home) and Good Manners session are very important to build strong pillars of Character. These simple 'Random' Acts of Kindness are sometimes overlooked. They can build Confidence and boost the self esteem of kids. Kids' acts are worthy a praise so much as we take pride when they excel in academics or sports. Developing a culture of Kindness by way of Projects do promote social-moral values that comes with an attitude to be kind. The emotional quotient misses a pitch for being social as early schooling is more focused on just the cognitive skills of reading and writing. Hence, it is important to nurture non-cognitive skills - social, emotional and behavioral competencies that lead to success in later life.

It is pertinent to build a culture for kindness - from the very start when children are climbing their first steps to school. Here are ethical Kidsfreesouls steps in Behavior Development and always wear the Kindness Badge and sing along "When you Give Love, you Receive Love".

1. Be Kind - As parents-teachers or kids. Just Act, do it. Adults need to inspire and play role their act showing Kindness with their words and act. Identiy ways to be kind and share with children. Interact and engage them while you follow a kind act.

2. Be a good listener - Listen to children and kindly answer their small questions. They turn to listen too. Treat them nice with no spanking or punishment.

3. Catch Kindness - Give stars for being good and no stars for not being kind. Place a chart and have fun together. You can give stars for the kind act to the child and tell him to do the same for you. Reward for kindness when the Kindness Chart reaches set stars. i.e. for 25 kindness acts, give them a reward.

4. Gift Books - Gift books on Kindness and even get books on kindness for yourself. Books like Little Women by Louisa May Alcott is a classic that sets good example.

5. Participate in Group Activity - Involve in activities, social causes, group walks or charity - any activity that calls for social cause and being kind and helpful to others. Organize drawing and coloring sessions, music or crafts sessions for the deaf and dumb, blind children or the orphans - this will fill their world with joy. Teach your children - How to Tithe (give) and these tips may help too. Giving is a responsibility and a source of satisfaction. There is always time in life to help others. You can give without loving and you can't love without giving.

6.Engage them in daily chores - Indulge kids in helping around - at home and school. This will make them more responsible, organized and also feel self worth of job well done. Get them do things they like - planting or watering plants, cutting vegetables, set up menu for lunch or dinner, spread bed sheets, whatever they like to do. Self indulged activities often have a calm effect and peace of mind.

7. Make Friends - Friendship itself has the kindness factor. Showing love, caring for the other and sharing. Get kids to do crafts - make beautiful friendship bands, car hangings, pencil tops or pen stands. Let them gift to their friends. Maybe, paint t-shirts and gift on birthday. Kindness comes in prompt with love and feelings for a friend.

8. Mind Language - A very important factor to remember is 'words'. What you demonstrate, kids follow. Children pick faster what you say and do.

9. I believe : Believe in God and make kids say 'I believe' - When you pray to god for help and guidance, children follow your spirituality and can see your day to day relationship with god through prayers. God hears prayers and it's faith that makes better souls.

As such Emotions are the wild cards in human intelligence They fit into are thinking as emotions create thoughts and thoughts create actions. So, jumpstart to create a Culture of Kindness and let peace be at your doorstep.

Btw, here's Random Act of Kindness Foundation website - A resource for people committed to spreading kindness. It provides a wide variety of materials, including activity ideas, lesson plans, project plans and much more. You can find the Kindness dates, calendar, create a website, share kindness experiences, find e-cards and get free stuff. Be Inspired or just Be kind.
Spread Kindness - Spread sunshine. God Bless.

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