Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Top Blogs on web - If My Blog died today..what would you remember about it?

"If your Blog died today...What would it be remembered for?" Asks Darren Rowse and I wonder whether I would be Alive after 10 years from now! Now, it's an amazing thought what the future could behold 10 years from now or writing obituary for the Blog it stands today!

This will be a motivating exercise for me as I have never taken Blogging seriously but had words and only words to pen down everywhere on the web as writing is my passion. You can call me, 'Jack of all trades, Master of all.'

Well, You can find a List of my Blogs now featured on my Home page. And it's so very true - most of the Bloggers have not Achieved what they want to Achieve with their Blogs. Sometimes, Blogging is a commitment to self and a self responsibility to offer something good to society. Blogging is endless and we leave our footprints on the web as we spread the message of love, faith, peace and joy among human beings.

Well, since you are Kidsfreesouls reader, I guess three questions can have your answers as you are the best judge. (These questions appear here)

1. What would they say about it? (What do you think about my Blogs and Kidsfreesouls?)
2. What would people miss about it? (What will you miss that you would look for updates)
3. How has it fulfilled a need or service in people’s lives. (You may let me know please. I know
my mission but would like you to give bouquets or brickbats.

I look forward for your emails here. Here's on "Magic of thinking Big" and sure, we can dream Big, think and act.

Btw, here's Top Blogs 2009 - A post on my Tech Briefs blog. Here's what I say:

Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish is a lovely meal and as Time says, can be appointed as 'Country's Blogger in Chief.' The Daily Dish sub head says, 'No Party, no clique'. Andrew's post on 'Why Blog' pose as an Inspiration to many a souls like me and nevertheless, I agree to what he says. "We blog as news reaches us, as facts emerge." For Bloggers, deadline is always now - spontaneous and just not like the Reporters or the Novelist who can pick time and wait for final selection. Blogging is more a free form, you even end up writing personal or share, speak loud your ideas and opinions - no barriers but dedicated daily journal posts and committed to self. Read the post and maybe you are inspired to Blog if you're not doing so. A blogger has no limits - you Blog or enjoy real life - no hassles. - From Tech Briefs by Ilaxi Patel

I randomly visit some of the Blogs while I create space in-between my workload. Blogs related to Tech are on my top list, followed by Politics and related to my Blog posts.

Find the Time Magazine's 25 Best Blogs 2009. I am surprized I cannot find ProBlogger and I would add this to Best Blog on the web too! You can find the list of the 2008 Top Web Log Awards on Best Parenting: Top Blogs here.

- ilaxi patel
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