Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Explore Valentine Pages - Kids Valentine Project

Come February and it's ever the month of Love - Valentine's Day. Ask kids and they love to sing "Papa, He Loves Mama, Mama, she Loves Papa" and ask about Valentine, I often found children shying away yet happy to say, "Happy Valentine' to teachers, friends or anybody who they are fond of. As teachers and parents, we fail to define the word 'Love' and elaborately explain to kids what these 4 letters mean or what it means to say the wonder three words 'I Love You' and really mean it.

Here's Kids Free souls eight ways the Sternberg psychological way to find what is Love! We all know what it's like to get "butterflies" when someone we are attracted to walks into a room, but how do we know when it's love and not simply an infatuation? Is it Crush? Infatuation? Love? Anyway, its definitely 'Mind Boggling or Mind Blowing'. We need to identify our weaker or sharp intuitions especially when it comes to loving people - our family, children and most important 'love of our life'. All one need to remember is ‘Smooth sailing Relationship’ with soft hearts but no broken relations if one got to stay happy, make happy, stay cool.

Surfing on the Internet highways, times are no longer as they use to be some few years ago. The ICQ, chat rooms, messengers etc. are more interactive and meaningful as people have now realized not to live in dream worlds. I did come across people who had crushes and love bytes out of the blue and ended up in few seconds or couple of days. It is here to know how to deal with situations and take control of Emotional Swich board.

Children are no exceptions. Especially, the teenagers. With safe Social networking places like Glubble and Habbo, children can now socially interact, have own family page, share photos, music and much more. What parents or teachers need is to guide them to know what is right and wrong - Teach them on topics like Valentine in a fun learning way and what Love means to different people in different ways and why it is important to understand feelings and relationships.

Surf the Valentine Pages and guide Children 'Learn and Fun' way on Valentine. Make them do simple Projects as listed here on the Projects Page - Drawing, coloring and making Posters is always Fun and they can simply let their heart flutter with joy. You can print the Valentine Project Poster and let this be their Cover page for the Project or even Pin Up in the classroom while conducting the Valentine session. It can be exciting and entertaining as children love hearts and sure, we can win their hearts much better and easier than any other, Isn't it? Enjoy and "Happy Valentine!"

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- ilaxi patel
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