Friday, November 27, 2009

Toast your life with 'Thanksgiving' - Never late!

Planning and this is here we fail sometimes when we often lag behind with short of time schedules! Teachers need to plan their lessons especially with the monthly event calendar. This is like sparing a few minutes in the classroom providing information - spreading awareness and significance of the event.

If you have missed the 'Thanksgiving' just like me, there is no missing the Event worksheets as they can be taught anytime within the event week.

Thank You comes in an amazing way to be fondly appreciated and who else can be so happy than parents or teachers when children bring in a creatively made note with the courtesy words 'Thank You'!

Teaching children to write 'Thank You' notes is teaching them simple social manners of expressing gratitude. Just as much as we value the experience of gesture when somebody writes a 'Thank You' note, children too can receive our 'Thank you' notes for their good behavior or any positive attitude. This can be the first step in teaching them to consider writing Thank You notes to others. Most of the children need to be encouraged to write Thank You notes, as a child will not initiate to write on his own. How often, we forget to send our 'Thank You' notes and especially, when the tradition of 'Thanksgiving' is completely not observed in many places like India. Sometimes, merely we say words. However, writing notes has its own charm and has an educational value when children learn to write them.

So, how do we help kids to write these lovely 'Thank You' notes? Maybe a few Thank you note guideline tips for kids might help.

Btw, here's a very thoughtfully written Editorial Article from New York Times and I am sure, you might start brooding over this - What would our lives look like if they held only what we’d planned? Where would our wisdom or patience — or our hope — come from?

We can toast our lives with 'thanksgiving' to god in an amazing way to join hands and pray for peace as this is the only thing - the need of the hour!

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids

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