Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Vishwaraj Jadeja shares his sports journey with Swagat Kids

Few days ago, Vishwaraj Jadeja, a long track speed Skating and Ice Skating Champion, visited Swagat Children Library. He shared his Sports Journey with the children and talked about his experiences on pursuing his hobby. Children attentively listened to him and asked him a lot of questions as to his routines and how he reached this far. Apart from a lot of tips and advice, Vishwaraj told the children to concentrate on three things : Determination, dedication and hard work. Especially, he focused on Time Management and balancing sports and other academic, professional fronts. Watch the video here and his other Interviews. Kids at Swagat cherish the memories of talking to Vishwaraj and support him for a cause that he would hopefully participate in the upcoming 2014 Olympics in Russia for which, he is even looking for Sponsorers. Out there, anybody interested may sponsor Vishwaraj, a gujarati boy who makes it big in Holland, Denmark and reach fame internationally. Vishwaraj has received the highest 'Sardar Patel Award from Gujarat State and will be the first from the nation to reach Olympics 2014 and make it big.

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