Monday, January 28, 2008

Osho Inspirations

"Mind is simply a complex machine, which moves from ‘fast forward’ to ‘slow motion’ and even popping into ‘pause’ mode at times. Igniting the creative spark is overflowing of potentialities within to enjoy work to achieve a fulfillment. Time flies and the creativity turns into work mode. If this work becomes slogging, there comes pause mode with a neutral gear. This is the still point when we find ourselves entering into a state of ‘Let go’ doing just nothing, no thoughts, no work or any creativity. It leads to experience existence, the nature and enjoying the state of paradise with awareness. The mind is rejuvenated and back again to explore work with creativity to ultimate flowering."

My words with Osho Inspirations. And, exactly I did this with two days holidays and my computer again giving me jerks as my ISP facing the routers problems.

Btw, do you meditate? I asked some children what exercise they perform while at school. They showed me a couple of exercises and one was raising hands and saying, 'Ha, ha, ha'. To my surprise, they had too much stress on their small minds while they said, ha ha ha. I asked them what is that and they smiled saying, it's laughing! Ugh, do we laugh with so much stress, I wonder. Well, Here's Osho Meditation tips and tricks and you can try out the easier ways. Here's just a reverse of laughing Meditation and we call it, 'Boiling Mad' - hotting things up for the Busy people.

And 27th January 1832 was the day when Lewis Caroll was born. A British Author, well known for her children's Literature. Alice in Wonderland has always been the fav classics and here's teacher Resources page on web. You may find more through the above Google search too.

Well, with 'The Republic day' just gone, three days later, 29th January, there is spectacular celebrations with ‘Beating Retreat’ at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi. The notes of ‘Abide with me’, favourite of Mahatma Gandhi is played by mass bands of armed forces with final retreat marking the end of Republic day celebrations. 'Abide with me' is written by Henry Lyte, a vicar who lived in the fishing village of Brixham Devon . He was dying of Tuberclosis and as he walked by the sea and heard the ebb and the flow of the tide and for the last time there, he watched the sun, he wrote the touching song. Here's the The Republic day page with the song. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
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Sunder said...

Its interesting to see your article relating to OSHo and kids. I remeber reading something that OSho wrote saying that kids dont need meditation beacuse they are so innocent, so free. They are free and I feel that society as it now is does not suopport the freedom of our childrens souls. Yet seeks to suck them into the ever growing techno community. I actually share OSHO Active meditation with adults in well as doing workshops for teens on how to deal with stress using a varety of techniques including active meditation check out