Thursday, January 24, 2008

Children & Health

Child Well-being and it matters the most. Three things have to be the utmost priority - Health, Education and Safety. If we were to provide this in our best way, we have a better future for them and us too. In US, every week, 15,168 children use mental health services. The figures do not stop here as we find, a 16,404 children homeless every day! More of them live in poverty, abuse state or neglect.

The CCC - Citizen's Committee for Children is working round the clock for the welfare of children to secure every child's Birthright. It would be a great Initiative if this kind of service is seen through in countries like Africa and India.

Btw, any time is a good time for children to rhyme. A way for healthy children is way to laugh, sing and be merry. Mary Ann Hoberman is writing poems and rhyming stories for children and has become a lifelong storyteller since the day she published her first book, "All My Shoes Come in Twos." It is quite interesting to know how she became and Author and here's a link there's a linko find out.

You can find the Counselling pages here on Kidsfreesouls and if you have any concerns of child Health problems, do send your query. You may also feel free to visit Dr. Greene who is featured as Parenting Expert on the New York Times. for a scoop or two. And here's Recipe for Life - A Home where the Heart is. Keep the Faith!

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for Kids with Resources for Parents and Teachers
Author of Guardian of Angels

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