Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy Uttarayan

Happy Uttarayan. The festive spirits reigns high in town today with windy weather and people on the terraces flying kites and eating a lot of stuff like undhiya, jalebi, gajar halwa and chikis, what I sneak in for a sunny afternoon break to spare a few moments here. Many NRIs and foreigners are here in Gujarat for the celebrations of International Kite festival as you can read here on Kites page on Kidsfreesouls. We have a group of 30 friends whom we meet at a friend's place and another 20 more coming to our house from morning - so it's like whole day too much fun on the terrace. And again, the evening in just another fifteen mins is going to be tea time with snacks for all.

The best part is togetherness - Family and friends have get togethers with lot of sharing fun. Freak in for the Kites page and find news and quotes there. Enjoy.

- ilaxi

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