Saturday, January 12, 2008

Reading news

Been to the Kids Section on Kidsfreesouls lately? Well, here's the BBC News for kids - It makes me wonder, how many children read newspapers? And even if they do, what do they read and are they really reading? If you are a parent or a Teacher, it will surprise you that many children do not even read the story books! Ask kids to narrate and write reviews - many fail to do so! Best way, is to conduct an interactive news read and supplement read session in the classroom or explore the kids supplement together. Further, make the kids write the news pieces in their scraps and if they read stories, encourage them to write the reviews.

Whenever I visit my Club (Sports club), I find children playing games on computers or checking on mails and pasting scraps on social networks. And there's no monitoring too and they can open any site! Why, even in Classrooms, children are mostly talking of games and movies and songs. News for them, means no direction - East, west, north or south! Children should be encouraged in schools to read out news. We've weekly news read sessions and children prepare the weekly news and read out aloud. Even they have loud reading story sessions in the class. This creates awareness and for some children, stage fright or performance anxiety is reduced with this habit. All we need is to pencil in 'chores' on kids' schedules and add regular kids news reading and reading a story before sleep every day - This should be a 'MUST' apart from many other activities they do.

Well, here's a fun, games and trivia site for all children whom I find busier playing at home or clubs. Enjoy!

- ilaxi patel
Newspaper for kids with resources for Parents and Teachers
Author of Guardian of Angels

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Thomas C. Kern, Jr. said...

I agree that repeating a performance over and over will help kids with their anxiety. Awareness is also a great advantage for kid. I learned through Internal Energy Plus that I can be aware of my anxiety and use that to learn what trigger the anxiety and what I choose to do with it.